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Welcome to freedom and new experiences… Meadow Brook Senior Living.

Fishers, Indiana, is a wonderful community for active seniors. Beautiful green spaces, such as Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, are great for getting fresh air and connecting with nature. Local events and cultural attractions are plentiful. Visit Conner Prairie for a sneak peek into what life was like for settlers. Attend a farmers’ market or music show at Nickle Plate District Amphitheater or visit the historic Morris-Flanagan-Kincaid House. For an excursion into Indy, be sure to visit The Circle and attend a symphony performance at nearby Hilbert Circle Theatre.

When you’re not on-the-go, Meadow Brook Senior Living will keep you busy with a bevy of activities to take part in and amenities to enjoy. Join a resident musical group or take a painting class. Feeling like you want to be social? Meet with friends for book club, attend happy hour, or take a walk on the community walking paths. And don’t miss an opportunity to BE Healthy — check out the exercise classes in the fitness center.

There’s more! You asked for it! Invite your family and friends to join you for a meal in the Bistro and a movie in the comfy theater. Join a planned shopping excursion in downtown Indianapolis. You can even bet the farm on a game of poker with your pals. Wind down from all of these activities with a good book from a seat by the fireplace.

By the way, we’re also pet-friendly. So, bring Sparky and start your new life today! Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what your monthly rent will be. No buy-in fees, no hidden charges. Your new community awaits, and you’re going to love it here!



Our living options allow you the freedom to choose.

Assisted Living

Licensed Assisted Living offering residents the freedom to enjoy new experiences, with just the right amount of help.

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Memory Care

Abilities and interests of the individual are encouraged, fostering increased engagement and participation in residents with dementia.

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BE Healthy
Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.
BE Involved
Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.
BE Inspired
What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.
BE You!
“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.

Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.

What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.

“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

The keys to your best life are simple: BE Healthy, BE Involved, BE Inspired, and BE You. Spectrum Retirement provides enrichment programs, activities, and amenities to promote your happiness, independence, and total wellness.

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BE Healthy
BE Involved
BE Inspired
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What People Are Saying About Us

Ethan Brush
Ethan B.
23:37 19 Sep 19
This place has been a refuge for my family. My mom was living alone at home and just not thriving and a severe safety risk. I was at the end of my rope and started touring. I looked at 4 different communities and chose Meadowbrook based off first impressions as you just have too... I am glad i did! My first impressions told me Meadow Brook is a clean, active, caring community that will do the best they can to meet the needs of families and residents. The apartments are extremely nice, much larger than any place we toured. The vibe is modern and comfortable which is different from other communities i toured as well that had more of the "old fashioned" feel. The staff assisted with the move by offering advice and techniques to get my mom moved in with much interruption or fanfare. They know me and I know them which is a comforting feeling. Space-Check. Looks-Check. Staff-Check. I owe a lot to Meadow Brook.
My Coupon Account
My Coupon A.
18:03 17 Sep 19
The staff here was very welcoming! The building was beautifully kept and spacious apartments.
bridget edens
bridget E.
01:21 26 Jul 19
John Craig Olney
John Craig O.
20:09 25 Jul 19
I love Meadow Brook! The company I work for often visits and works alongside the staff there. Their leadership is strong - lots of professional experienced managers! And, the community is beautiful - it's always clean (and, always smells clean too!). And, it seems like every time I visit, the residents that live there are out in the lobby, activity rooms or dining room - they really seem to enjoy living there.
Tiffany Friend
Tiffany F.
19:09 25 Jul 19
Ashley Williams
Ashley W.
17:35 25 Jul 19
I have visited Meadowbrook several times in the past 2 years. My company has referred prospective residents to this beautiful place because of the great feedback I received. The Director's (and staff's) attention to every aspect has really made the difference.
Todd Stallings
Todd S.
14:35 13 Nov 18
Our family has had a wonderful experience with this community for the last 2 years. They have a very caring staff and we would recommend this community to our friends.
Krissi Davis
Krissi D.
17:02 06 Nov 18
Everyone and everything was top of the line while attending to my 81 year old Father during his 30 day respite care after his rehabilitation and hospitalization due to a fall related to seizures from an inoperable brain tumor. It may have been routine for them, but it seemed to me that the staff took extraordinary measures to ensure he was well attended to and that he stayed on his recovery and medication regimen, despite himself. He is now in an apartment that is near me where I can look in on him daily. He looks very fondly on the days that he spent at Meadow Brook, or in his words, "that resort hotel". When the time comes, Meadow Brook is at the top of my list for future care.
Ken Cobb
Ken C.
23:39 22 Jul 18
Wonderful Assisted Living, Independent and Memory Care building. Several engaging activities for residents to participate in they will be warn out. Most of the Management has been in the building since ground was broken. One stop building to serve all of your loved ones needs.
Bridget Wetterer
Bridget W.
17:29 21 Jul 18
The community at Meadow Brook is exceptional. The quality of care is outstanding. We have experienced first hand the integrity of the staff and their commitment to the community. They truly go above and beyond!
Senior Life Transitions Inc Tienhaara
Senior Life Transitions Inc T.
17:52 09 Nov 17
Meadow Brook is a beautiful community. The staff is terrific and very helpful. I have worked with Derek Burton, Marketing and he is very professional, knowledgeable and considerate. It is a pleasure to work with Derek who is easy going and is focused on helping his residents. I would recommend Meadow Brook for those families looking for a quality senior community.
Judy Knepp
Judy K.
01:21 21 Sep 17
Brittany Mckinney
Brittany M.
12:43 09 Sep 17
Ntanda Longwe
Ntanda L.
10:00 08 Aug 17
5 - Star facility and 5 - Star staff. Meadow Brook's team is compassionate, professional and treats each resident as if they are family. I would feel fortunate to have any of my loved ones call Meadow Brook home!
Andrew Worswick
Andrew W.
10:31 02 Aug 17
Steven Martin
Steven M.
16:49 01 Aug 17
Meadow Brook is an amazing facility for memory care and assisted living. The AL building is beautiful, lively, active and fun. The Memory care wing is adorable, homey, comfortable and has a very happy feel. Every staff member I have met is very dedicated to the residents and very committed to going above and beyond. Corrie, the wellness director, looks at every resident as if they are family and will do anything to ensure her residents get the best care possible! Jodie in activities goes above and beyond to provide activities to stimulate, entertain and educate the residents. I highly recommend Meadow Brook Assisted Living and Memory Care!
Dawn Selke
Dawn S.
15:01 01 Aug 17
Wow, Meadow Brook Senior Living Community has been an answer to our prayer for my mom. She has thrived in this community due to the attentive staff, activities, special performances, the safety and respect provided. Initially it can be so emotional moving a parent into a senior community. The staff provided me great advise and suggestions for making this life transition. My mom moved into Assisted Living and enrolled in the Resident's Club when she first moved in. The Resident's Club was the key to acclimating and giving her a new best fun friend with Jodi who heads that program. We have found that the size of the community is ideal for personal individual interaction. Mom is greeted by name, loves the food, her apartment is adorable, she's enjoying visiting with the other residents and staff who are lovely. She has been healthy, I see how the professionals strive to maintain that healthy environment. I have great confidence in the staff, there are many eyes on the residents making sure they are well cared for, while allowing for their independence. The front desk staff provide the first of the friendly interactions. The nursing staff has kept in touch with me about any concerns they see and they followup with what needs to be attended to. I've been very impressed with the nurses, aides, food servers, and the director who recently took my mom to the doctor when I was out of town. That was very gracious of her and so appreciated. My mom has shared with me how happy she is at Meadow Brook, she feels safe and respected. Mom has been a great role model for me, enjoying a wonderful senior community that provides us all with great peace of mind. We are very grateful!
Laurie Jackson
Laurie J.
18:15 31 Jan 17
My mother has been in Meadow Brook since June of 2016. She fell and broke her neck and has been getting spectacular care from the staff at Meadow Brook. My mom loves the staff and enjoys the company of the residents. My mom was still working when she fell, so this has been a huge game changer for her. The staff have made the transition a good one. The hope is that she will be strong enough to move into an independent situation down the road. We would recommend Meadow Brook (and have) to all her friends that may need assistance. D. McKay
Marvin McKay
Marvin M.
22:25 23 Jan 17
Meadow Brook is a wonderful place to live and offers many different options for living your best during your retirement years. The staff are very attentive to the needs of the residents, keeping them active, and offering many activities and services to maintain their independence. They are compassionate, friendly, and extremely helpful to everyone. Thank you for being a part of the Fishers community and offering such great service!
Aretoula Nahas
Aretoula N.
21:57 23 Jan 17
I've been given the opportunity to visit many facilities; the warmth, friendliness, and hospitality at Meadow Brook Senior Living has certainly put it in a league of its own. The quality of service, communication, and overall culture is nothing less than exemplary. I would highly recommend it for any loved one needing additional resources, community, and comfort.
Kate Pachciarz
Kate P.
17:53 23 Jan 17
The minute i stepped in to the building, I felt the warmth, friendliness and welcoming vibe. From the concierge to the leadership and to their direct caregivers-- they all seem happy and they are passionate of what they do. I saw how well the caregivers interact with their residents, that gives me a good feel about the place. Great place to entrust a loved one!!
Marilyn Palazzo
Marilyn P.
16:23 22 Jan 17
Meadowbrook is a wonderful assisted living facility. My friend Kenn has been living there for over a year and receives exceptional care.
Brad Polo
Brad P.
16:08 21 Jan 17
Placing my mother at Meadowbrook was a very difficult decision for me, but it was a very good decision for her. She has settled in and is so content with all the residents and friendly staff. When I have had to take her out for an appointment or family meal she quickly lets me know she is unhappy and when I get her back I can visibly see a difference in her demeanor. She actually kissed me when we crossed over into her Memory Care section, a move I haven't seen out of her for quite a while, because with her illness she shows very little emotion. My father had been total caregiver for her for a couple of years and when it became too much he told me to find her a place to move. In less than a month he also decided to make the move to the assisted living part of Meadowbrook. He is very content and realizes it was necessary for his day to day living. Meadowbrook has been easy to work with, any problems are usually handled with one phone call. The staff is very caring and truly care about their residents.
Tamarah Lefevre
Tamarah L.
16:06 21 Jan 17
My mother has been at Meadow Brook since August last year. She is in her 90s and spends time at movies in the theater, book club, bunco, bingo, and puzzles. She orders her ribeye steak practically every Saturday. She enjoys the positive environment and the helpfulness of the staff. Most visitors are surprised at the cleanliness of the facility.
Shirley Jennings
Shirley J.
23:33 20 Jan 17
This is a first class facility. From the time I walked in, greetings from several staff members: they truly care. Questions about how they can assist me. I watched the seniors living there: all happy and cared for.
Benjamin Goldfarb
Benjamin G.
15:06 20 Jan 17
tina scanlan
tina S.
14:58 25 Jul 19
Melody Watkins
Melody W.
09:04 26 Jul 17
Over the years my family member has resided here her "quality of life" has gone down. Regarding the personal, dining and overall community experience.Preface: My relative has resided at Meadow Brook for roughly four years of which I visit several times a week and occasionally join her for a meal in the dining room. Over the years I have come to know numerous residents and their families. I certainly can't speak for them however their shared experiences do influence my thoughts regarding "The State of the Affairs"From time to time I'll update this review by adding a section to the end of the post. It will be clearly marked and reflect my current "rating"Updated - August 2019 - See Updated Section below Initial ReviewInitial Review - Fall 2018The first year I would rate four or five stars and the years thereafter have been a steady decline. Currently under "new local management" and hopefully it will reverse direction.I can only speak to my family's experience and the other residents and their families I have gotten to know over the years. Of course moving into an assisted living facility is a new and often unique experience for each resident. Gladly it was a smooth and overall rewarding experience for my family member the first year or so. Of course this or that could have been more to her liking however being a community it can only be "tailored" so much to one's personal preferences.At the first year "review" we expressed several concerns and left with the belief they would be addressed. When they weren't after a period of time I contacted Spectrum (corporate won't address your concerns - at best the local area manager will contact you) which admittedly stated "yes we have issues and they will be addressed"A few weeks later she stated they have been addressed (certainly not to our satisfaction). However I took away the belief that this is how the community will be going forward and it is what it is... which to a large degree we were happy with.However in the following years (three) it hasn't remained the same environment. First and foremost the staff including management, dining, housekeeping and maintenance have been a revolving door often with extended periods of time without adequate personal to perform their duties. The continual turnover also results in a lack of training (and dedication) which leads to services being performed well below expectations.And sadly a well rehearsed excuse as to why things are as they are and "give us time to correct these issues" only play so many times as one "wave" of management is replaced with another.When management admits to staffing, lack of facilitate maintenance and dining issues and continually states it will get better I believe it's rather clear many areas need to be addressed.They may well but so far all I have heard is repeated admissions with no plans in place to accomplish such. I can't speak to how other Spectrum Retirement communities are run. All I know is attempting to discuss your concerns with the home office is virtually impossible as every attempt has resulted in them "passing the buck" back to the local management.I don't wish to leave this review without expressing appreciation for the things they have done over the years at times above and beyond the call of duty. And I look forward to the current issues as many as there are being resolved. Bottom line I would not recommend Meadow Brook in its current state.Updated - August 2019The local management that took over in Fall 2018 lasted less than six months and now the current local management has been in place for several months. Since the "new local managements" have been in place the only change has been addressing the facilities with much needed maintenance and updates to the furnishings. Presumably to address the growing vacancies.Several families (I know personally) have moved their family member to other facilities over care concerns. Sadly there hasn't been any improvement regarding the qualify of staff, constant turnover and the performance of their related duties.
16:22 04 Aug 19
The people at this facility have no clue what they are doing and to make it worse they lie and back stab to attain whatever they want. If you are thinking of, or trying to decide whether or not to take your loved one here, let this serve as your warning. Just because a place "looks nice" on the outside doesn't mean they are doing everything right on the inside. I know first hand how the people are there and believe me its not a good thing. And it starts at the very top people there. Feel free to get a hold of me and I'll be glad to elaborate on the unethical and illegal things I have seen there. Very dangerous place to take your loved ones and expect that they will be getting their proper meds. If you have those expectations of this place, then you have been bamboozled.
cory warnock
cory W.
14:20 13 Aug 16