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Settle in to this serene, comfortable community in Parker, Colorado. Lincoln Meadows Senior Living is situated on the southern edge of the Denver metropolitan area. It’s a quiet slice of life with the Mile-High city to the north and vast open spaces to the south. Shop at the Outlets at Castle Rock or the nearby Park Meadows Mall. A quick freeway jaunt from Denver International Airport makes it easy for friends and family to visit. This is the perfect setting for senior living!

You’re going to love calling Lincoln Meadows Senior Living your new home. This comfortable community offers you opportunities to BE Healthy, BE Involved, BE You, and be so much more! Join your new friends and neighbors for social activities, connect with far-off family using the public computers, slip off to the salon for some pampering, or get fit in the state-of-the-art fitness center. What more could you want?

How about a delightful outdoor garden area where you can flex your green thumb? A beautiful dining room where you can host your family? Maybe graciously designed outdoor spaces to enjoy the Colorado sunshine? Check, check, and check — we’ve got it all and so much more. You’ll be delighted to have laundry and housekeeping services, because you’ll be too busy for any of those chores with all activities, events and classes at Lincoln Meadows Senior Living!

In addition to the new friends you’ll make here, we understand the benefits of your furry friend, too. So, yes, our retirement home is pet-friendly! Pack up Sparky and get over here! Our transparent pricing ensures you know exactly what your monthly rent includes. No buy-in fees, no hidden charges. The door is open; c’mon in! You’re going to love it here. This is senior living at its finest.


Our senior living options allow you the freedom to choose.

Independent Living

Seniors 55 and older living life on their terms. Comfortable, modern living, with all the amenities and maintenance taken care of.

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Assisted Living

Licensed Assisted Living offering residents the freedom to enjoy new experiences, with just the right amount of help.

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Memory Care

Abilities and interests of the individual are encouraged, fostering increased engagement and participation in residents with dementia.

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BE Healthy
Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.
BE Involved
Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Lincoln Meadows Senior Living, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.
BE Inspired
What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Lincoln Meadows Senior Living’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.
“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Lincoln Meadows Senior Living means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!
Lincoln Meadows Senior Living

Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.

Lincoln Meadows Senior Living

Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Lincoln Meadows Senior Living, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.

Lincoln Meadows Senior Living

What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Lincoln Meadows Senior Living’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.

Lincoln Meadows Senior Living

“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Lincoln Meadows Senior Living means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

The keys to your best life are simple: BE Healthy, BE Involved, BE Inspired, and BE You. provides enrichment programs, activities, and amenities to promote your happiness, independence, and total wellness.

BE Healthy
BE Involved
BE Inspired

What People Are Saying About Us

We had a wonderful experience when we toured Lincoln Meadows! The staff engaged with all of the residents by name when they passed in the halls...a nice touch to be sure! Also, they have an exercise class run by a Physical Therapist who was doing an amazing job! We appreciated the time that the staff took in showing us their senior living community and the compassion and patience they showed.
Sarah O.
Sarah O.
03:29 22 Apr 21
Excellent staff, clean and comfortable living environment. Very professional and affordable.
07:38 24 Mar 21
Moving a parent from their home of 40 years to a new place is a life changing event - both for the parent and the child moving them. My father is 92 and has early stage dementia and we made the decision to move him from Florida to Colorado to be near us. We looked at every retirement community near Parker and chose Lincoln Meadows because of the people - their compassion for the residents is obvious the minute you meet them. You will find communities that have more “shine” to them but at the end of the day what our family cared about is the team that will assist my father and help our family get through this tough move. It is not an easy move and very hard on the family when you have to go through this - the team at Lincoln Meadows have been there for us to help us through the transition. Angie has been an absolute rock for me and Rebecca helped us make the right decision - and the entire team takes time to know your parent’s name from day one and make them feel welcome. Choosing a facility for your parents is a hard one but focus on care, not the pretty finishes - anyone can open up a beautiful asset but make sure you understand the team and care behind it! And when you make the decision, the transition is harder than I can put into words but I am so happy to see my father enjoying life again for the first time in two years. Thank you Lincoln Meadows Team!
Cathy Ross
Cathy R.
04:20 08 Feb 20
We had a great experience here for our Mom. The people who work here really care about the residents and are very friendly and helpful. The place is very clean and the apartments are spacious.
Patsy Hinchey
Patsy H.
14:45 01 Jan 20
I am a current employee of Lincoln Meadows and have been an LPN for 22 years. I recently moved to Colorado and have been working here for 6 months. I would never work at a facility that did not put residents first and in order to do that you have to have good staffing. The turnover while I have been here has been limited which is unusual and I love the teamwork of the caregivers to help each other out. This is a pleasant place to work and I love my residents and am thankful to be here!
heather grimes
heather G.
19:13 31 Dec 19
Lincoln Meadows is a beautiful place to work. The residents are very kind, and our manager is wonderful. I have worked at 2 other places one in aurora and one in Parker, and can not say the same. TI was given acceptance of my country and my family and needs, and they treat me very well. i would highly recommend working here to anyone wanting a start.
shalma Morava
shalma M.
22:20 26 Dec 19
I learn a lot from this company in Memory care, the staff are all friendly to me they teach me a lot about this field the Residents are a lot of fun to be around and they're family as well. That's why I gave 5 stars.
Selam Robele
Selam R.
03:45 26 Dec 19
I have been in this business a long time and this is the most family and team oriented building I have ever been in. I absolutely love working here and am very blessed to have the honor of caring for our wonderful residents and their families.
Dawn Mcdorman
Dawn M.
19:33 24 Dec 19
This place is like a second home. Everyone is a team player. i miss working here, this is the best job i have ever had. i go to school so i can come work here again. Best staff and managers EVER. The residents are awesome to.
Carson Carson
Carson C.
18:37 24 Dec 19
My mother has lived at Lincoln Meadows since 2016. She started out in Independent Living, moved to Assisted Living and is now in Memory Care.When her doctor told us my Mom could no longer live alone, she recommended that we find a place where she could live independently, move to assisted living and then to memory care. Lincoln Meadows was one of the few facilities that fit the criteria. Befor selecting Lincoln Meadows we toured about 8 facilities in the Denver/Aurora area. Some were nice and some we never got past the entrance. Lincoln Meadows was the only one that as soon as we walked in we felt immediately welcome. Residents were moving around in the hallways, the cafe, tables were set up for puzzles or cards. The calendar of events was varied and set up to keep their residents active both in mind and body. All of the residents we encountered on our initial visit were happy, engaging and many willing to tell us why they thought my Mom should live in Lincoln Meadows. Some of course had less than stellar things to say but those few were apparently the type who would not be happy anywhere.After my Mom moved into indepentent living she made many new friends and enjoyed the activities including shopping, lunch out, dinner in the dining room and generally the entire facility. When she moved to Assisted Living I was concerned about the type of care she might receive. I should not have been, as the Staff was wonderful to her even when she was being a pain in the tush! They kept us up to date and even alerted us when they thought she might need to see the doctor.Staff where the ones that alerted us to the fact that Mom was getting lost in the building, forgetting to eat even after they reminded her, and having difficulty communicating. After a meeting with staff and directors of Lincoln Meadows, Assisted Living and Memory Care it was a group decision that it was time for her to move to Memory Care. I was really worried that it would seem like a prison since the doors are locked for the residents safety. It has proven to be anything but a 'prison'. The staff in Memory Care are the most caring, compassionate, understanding people you would ever want to meet. Residents have a full day everyday, they have an activities director who goes out of her way to keep them involved, their brains and their bodies working. There are crafts, music, ballon volleyball, trips to local resturants (for those who want to go), holiday events and decorating as well just some time to spend talking. The Event Director sends us a weekly newsletter of what they were up to the week before and what is coming up. My brother and sister both live out of state and look forward every week to the newsletter as it gives them an insight into what's happening besides what I tell them.There are nurses who monitor the residents everyday and make sure all medicine is administered correctly and there are no side effects. There is a Doctor who visits Memory Care when needed that the residents know and there is no trauma haveing to take them out for routine visits. Flu shots are administred on site as well as things like the podiatrist, dentist and several other specialities coming directly to the residents. Those needing Memory Care become very stressed when they have to leave their environment and do things they are not used to doing.Recently my brother visited Memory Care for the first time and was amazed at the atmosphere, the caring way the staff treat our mother and most of all the overall tranquil feeling of the entire Memory Care unit. He noticed as have my sister and I how much better my Mom is since she moved into the unit. She has gained weight, her attitude is much better and she generally appears to be much happier. Part of that is the secure area she is in so she doesn't have to worry about getting lost and her day is on a schedule that she understands.I would highly recommed Lincoln Meadows.
Michelle Vallow
Michelle V.
21:12 20 Nov 19
My father who will be 94 in a couple weeks is living in independent living at Lincoln Meadows and has been for the past 2 1/2 years.Dad describes Lincoln Meadows as being "Koselig" which is Norwegian for cozy. He enjoys the good friends he's made, good food and activities like the educational programs, chair chi, documentaries, yoga, marvelous minds, bingo, choir, happy hours, etc.His apartment is very comfortable, staff is very kind and responsive to his needs.As his daughter, I feel good when I hear him tell others "this was the best decision that I could have made after my wife passed away".
Karen Brekke
Karen B.
14:55 14 Mar 19
My Mom moved into Lincoln Meadows in 2009 when it was brand new. She has had such a great experience with establishing wonderful friendships, participating in the many great activities offered to residents and also enjoying her own personal time in her lovely apartment.After 10 years, although my Mom (now 97) is unable to participate in as many activities as she used to, she still has the gift of friendships, social time at meals, and her own time and space when she wants it.I am so grateful that as she ages, she has companionship and lives in a retirement community that she is proud to call “home.”She loves living at Lincoln Meadows. It is very clean, well appointed in design and decorating, and I can’t say enough about the wonderful staff members. They truly care about their residents and treat them with such patience and respect. In 10 years, I can honestly say that we have never been disappointedChoosing to live at Lincoln Meadows has been a great decision for my Mom! Highly recmmend!
peggy delaney
peggy D.
21:41 13 Mar 19
Excellent service and food is great. Staff is caring and activities are well planned. Couldn’t ask for anything more for my mother in law.
Karolyn Schillinger
Karolyn S.
18:58 27 Oct 18
Jolene Sparks
Jolene S.
19:43 26 Oct 18
robin john
robin J.
17:05 04 Jan 18
I have toured a number of facilities prior to Lincoln Meadows and found that this is the best of the best for my family members. Mike Giglio was very helpful and thorough. The facility is clean, decorated nicely, and halls are wide and quiet. There are many activities and comforts for the residents as well as physical therapy on site. I especially loved the library with the computers available for the residents. I noticed that the residents appear relaxed and happy. The dining hall was one of the highlights of our tour there. The food was delicious and served as if in a nice restaurant. One could see that great care was given to the preparation and presentation of the meals. The rooms are nicely appointed and well arranged. I feel that this is a place which meets the needs of many seniors with all levels of needs.
Gaylene Neill
Gaylene N.
17:59 10 Oct 17
Sandra Vaughn
Sandra V.
19:25 16 Sep 17
Beautiful place for older
Perla Coronel
Perla C.
23:03 21 Aug 17
travis christianson
travis C.
13:05 03 Aug 17
My dad lived here for about 3 years. He really enjoyed it. He made lots of friends. The caregivers were so good to him.
Cynthia Fabrizio
Cynthia F.
13:59 14 Jul 17
Truly, I think our Father was happier the last two years of his life living at Lincoln Meadows than he had been for many years. Letting go of the household chores, meal preparation, housekeeping and laundry duties was such a mental and physical relief. At Lincoln Meadows, he was enveloped by a kind and nurturing new “family” who made him feel welcome, respected and beloved. Mentally, he was kept challenged and invigorated by the “Slices of History” classes and physically, he was kept well-nourished, safe and well-tended. The facility is beautiful and immaculately kept, but more important than the real estate’s physical features is the love and respect given to the residents. Thank you for providing such a wonderful environment!
Arleen Cassidy
Arleen C.
21:55 10 Jul 17
Lincoln Meadows has been excellent for our family's beloved grandmother. From the first interaction with Michael for the tour through move-in and now a year later, professional kindness and caring is what describes this place.It is clean, well run and great food. Highly recommended!
Ben Blakeley
Ben B.
20:59 08 Jul 17
Lincoln Meadows is a very special Senior Living community. When you walk in the front door everyone is smiling and so happy. Lincoln Meadows feels like family. My mother moved into assisted living. She did not want to leave her home. She is now safe in assisted living at Lincoln Meadows. She is very happy and doing many activities.She is getting excellent care. She arrived and that same day I received an email with a photo of her talking to a new friend. This says to me Lincoln Meadows Senior Living is filled with a caring, loving staff .Our "family" has joined the Lincoln Meadows "family". I feel so happyto see the loving care my mother is receiving each day.I encourage everyone to go and see Lincoln Meadows!!Jeannie Campbell
Jeannie Campbell
Jeannie C.
20:28 01 Mar 17
My father was at Lincoln Meadows for a few years. He was in Independent and Assisted Living. I think that Lincoln Meadows is one of the best places out there. It's clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, it's well run just an overall great place. I was always able to reach people for help and I found Mike Giglio, (Executive Director) terrific to work with. I've seen a lot of Independent and Assisted living places and this was a great choice for us. I highly recommend Lincoln Meadows.
Nancy Colebank
Nancy C.
18:34 31 Aug 16
I went here for a job interview. I was offered the job. The place is clean and well decorated. I met some of the seniors there and they all seem happy and seem to like their stay there a lot. The staff are friendly and helpful and looks like they really care about the residents so I am excited to start working here with like minded people. :)
Kerstin Rainey
Kerstin R.
03:50 21 Aug 16
Lincoln Meadows is the most friendly Assisted Living Community that I have experienced. The community is beautiful, however; it's the staff's commitment to going above and beyond that I'm most impressed with. They treat everyone as part of their family. I highly recommend this community!!
Cory Luebben
Cory L.
14:45 30 Jun 16
I really appreciate how professional, kind and compassionate Sean and her staff are to work with. Lincoln Meadows is a wonderful place to work with and I can't thank them enough for all they do for the community.
Cathy Law
Cathy L.
14:37 30 Jun 16
Sarah Heaton
Sarah H.
14:27 30 Jun 16
As owner of a senior placement/referral business (8+ years) in the Denver-metro area, I have referred many families and residents to Lincoln Meadows and they have always been pleased with the care! The food is great! Lots of activities and special times. Families and their loved ones may be going through a "transition" time and the caring staff always goes the extra mile... Mike and Shaun in the marketing department always know just the right thing to say or do to help. Personally and professionally, I appreciate the Lincoln Meadows community and know the families and seniors I work with are in good hands!
Lorraine Justus
Lorraine J.
04:45 30 Jun 16
I am the owner of a senior care company and have had the opportunity to work hand in hand with Lincoln Meadows over the years. I have found their Memory Care, Assisted Living, and Independent Living to be wonderful and caring environments. The staff, from the executive director to the CNA's, are responsive and will go above and beyond to ensure the residents and their families are happy and cared for properly. If you ever want to have a good time, show up on Friday around 2:30 for happy hour and watch the residents interact with each other and the "director of fun". It will put a smile on your face! I would recommend Lincoln Meadows to anyone looking for a safe, happy place for their loved one.
carol parker
carol P.
20:56 29 Jun 16
Lincoln Meadows is absolutely one of the very best options for senior housing in the Metro Denver area! I have been in the senior healthcare industry for almost a decade and would have no problem moving my own parents there in a heartbeat if it were needed. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful and always in a good mood! I come by just to say hello to them because they always brighten my day! The activities they offer their residents, support and care are truly unparalled in the industry. I would recommend Lincoln Meadows to anyone looking for a safe and loving place for their loved ones.
Mataya Yoakam
Mataya Y.
19:51 29 Jun 16
cayce pearson
cayce P.
19:41 29 Jun 16
Nice facility, lots to do, staff seems caring and attentive, food is varied and good. I would recommend to others.
Thomas Mark
Thomas M.
21:57 21 Apr 16
My husband & I have been helping my mom look for a senior living facility that would make her feel at home.We toured several facilities and feel Lincoln Meadows is the best. The full service salon, work out room, movie theater, spacious dining rooms and the staff all made this decision easy!Michael was a tremendous help and answered all the questions we had, we love that Lincoln Meadows is so close to our house and we can stop by any time.
Felicia Olson
Felicia O.
16:51 16 Apr 16
We were put in charge of selecting a senior living center for my in-laws. Went to seven of them and can give you a rating from zero to ten on all. But only Lincoln Meadows made the ten. The facility. The location. The facility and cleanliness. The staff. The food. The floor plans. No wonder they have a waiting list and all the others have vacancies and beg us to come every day. We have made our choice!!
John Watson
John W.
13:11 05 Apr 16
We looked at Lincoln Meadows about a year before we actually moved Mom in. She was very reluctant to make the move. She is 85, very proud and struggling with early signs of dementia. She said she didn't want to be around all those "old" people! She protested the move and at one point said she would rather be dead than live there. I explained to Lincoln Meadows her "attitude", and they told me this is not unusual, and reassured me that they felt Mom would fit in and love it there. They suggested we have lunch with a few of the ladies in their dining room to sample the food, and to let Mom chat with a few residents without any Lincoln Meadows staff at the lunch. We had a delightful lunch, and met two very informative nice ladies that are very happy residents of Lincoln Meadows! Mom agreed to be put on the waiting list!We just moved in a couple of weeks ago! The apartment is beautiful, the food is wonderful, the residents are extremely friendly and happy, and the staff went way beyond the call of duty to help us with the move and to make us feel comfortable there. I can't say enough good things about this place! If you are having reservations, all I can say is we had them too, and found this place to exceed all of our hopes for a place for Mom. This is a wonderful community and we feel blessed to have Mom is such a nice facility where she is safe and can meet other people her age. There are tons of activities, so there is something fun for them to do every day. The staff even takes the time to learn the name of all the residents - The respect and love they show to each resident is nothing short of amazing. I would recommend Lincoln Meadows to anyone looking for a safe, comfortable place for their loved one to spend their "golden" years. I honestly can't think of a single way they could improve on what they are doing... It 's the best!
Bronwyn Bamber
Bronwyn B.
20:50 03 Oct 14
Went on a recent Tour for my Mother and was very impressed with the knowledge of the staff. I had never seen a transitional memory program only memory care so it was nice to see an option other than locking her in a secure environment. It was amazing to see all the things she could potentially do knowing she has dementa . The Building was beautifully decorated and very clean and extremely friendly. Every where we went we were greeted with Hello's and smiles. It was nice to see the options of entertainment and variety of activity's for everyone . This is most definitely on our short list when we move our mom down from Florida.
Andrea Robinson
Andrea R.
18:46 16 Apr 18
The staff at Lincoln Meadows has been nothing but compassionate and friendly with my in-laws. They have been incredible helpful with moving, planning, etc. I would recommend Lincoln Meadows to anyone.
Kori McClurg
Kori M.
21:22 29 Jul 13