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Welcome to a new way of living life to its fullest – Carmel Senior Living.

This Carmel, Indiana, location, about 30 minutes due north of downtown Indianapolis, offers the perfect suburban escape without sacrificing the fun things to see and do. Head to the Carmel Arts & Design District to see a show at The Center for the Performing Arts or take a tour of the Museum of Miniatures. Take an excursion —thank goodness for our transportation services —on the Indiana wine trail for tastings at a variety of local wineries.

Our gorgeous community provides you with the services and amenities you want for a lifestyle you’ll love. BE Involved with your neighbors in a community volunteer group, get some sunshine on the patio, BE Healthy partaking in fitness classes, attend happy hour in the Sky Lounge, and so much more. Still not sure if Carmel Senior Living is the right home for you?

The amenities are designed with you in mind. Residents love our At Your Service®Dining program because of the nutritious and delicious meals. And it gives you the flexibility to dine on your time. Participate in hobbies you enjoy and try new pursuits in our signature activity programs. Oh, and let’s not forget community holiday celebrations, spiritual services, movie nights, and more. Invite your family to join in the festivities —the door is always open!

We offer a range of living options and our transparent pricing will ensure you know exactly what your rent will be. No buy-in fees, no hidden charges. Wondering how your furry friend will handle the move? He’ll make new friends, too. Yes, we’re pet friendly, so bring Sparky and make the move.You’re both going to love it here!


Our living options allow you the freedom to choose.

Retirement Living

Seniors 55 and older living life on their terms. Comfortable, modern living, with all the amenities and maintenance taken care of.

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Assisted Living

Licensed Assisted Living offering residents the freedom to enjoy new experiences, with just the right amount of help.

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Memory Care

Abilities and interests of the individual are encouraged, fostering increased engagement and participation in residents with dementia.

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BE Healthy
Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.
BE Involved
Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.
BE Inspired
What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.
BE You!
“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.

Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.

What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.

“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

The keys to your best life are simple: BE Healthy, BE Involved, BE Inspired, and BE You. Carmel Senior Living provides enrichment programs, activities, and amenities to promote your happiness, independence, and total wellness.

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BE Healthy
BE Involved
BE Inspired
BE You!

What People Are Saying About Us

I visited this place several times and always found people to be super friendly and helpful. I also found their memory care section to be quite pleasant.We had lunch there and the food was tasty. I just wish that the food could have been warmer.I should have asked them to reheat it.My mom ended up picking another location but CSLwas a strong contender.
Becky Teo
Becky T.
15:04 12 Aug 19
this is a great place to live everyone was so helpful and kind it was clean and rooms are great just an over all great place to live
Bonita Worley
Bonita W.
14:58 02 Jul 19
Stephen Browne
Stephen B.
14:02 20 May 19
This is a wonderful place. The people working here are truly caring and they really look out for the people who live here. I fell confident enough to have my Mom live here. I actually want to be of age quick so I can move in too!
Lisa Direct Sales
Lisa Direct S.
20:05 14 May 19
my aunt is a current resident here I am from out of state I've only been here a couple days but the staff is very very friendly even the front personnel we're very helpful and the food is very good here not like a regular nursing home style and that's why I'm giving this place a four-star
Douglass West JR
Douglass West J.
20:06 04 May 19
It's been a great experience working with Sharon Quick and my Mom is excited to move in to CSL in the next few weeks.
Debbie Wade
Debbie W.
13:43 01 Mar 19
I never had an experience here but by the look of it, it's a place where I want to work. I just need to move to Indy. Lol
Adele Kamerer
Adele K.
23:16 28 Feb 19
Mike Coppinger
Mike C.
21:23 28 Jan 19
Beautiful facility. Great and caring staff.
Sarah Lowry
Sarah L.
14:58 20 Jan 19
When we first visited Carmel Senior Living, the Director met with us and gave us a tour even though we did not have an appointment. Her interest in providing us with the information needed to make a decision was genuine and compassionate. There was no pressure or sales pitch. When we moved our loved one in, the staff almost immediately knew his name and made efforts to make sure that table mates were available for meals. Our loved one is very happy, thinks the food is excellent and has made many friends, which we never expected. Cheers to the staff for caring so much!
Mimi Vanarsdall
Mimi V.
14:41 15 Jan 19
I am very happy with the care my mother has received at Carmel Senior Living, both in Assisted Living and Memory Care. Although my mother can be difficult, staff has consistently been kind and patient with her, even at times when they weren't aware that I was watching. It has been my experience that staff notices and attends to patient needs and communicates with me. I should probably add that my mother has been in other facilities and Carmel Senior Living has taken the best care of my mother.
Roxie Stone
Roxie S.
15:15 06 Jul 18
I met Liz and had a very informative and friendly tour with her. She asked pertinent questions and took to heart all of my comments. I never felt a high pressure sales presentation, but more so a genuine interest in our needs for my mother-in-law who maybe a prospective resident.
Donna Creger
Donna C.
00:18 16 Jun 18
John Swinehart
John S.
21:11 17 May 18
As a past employee and Director of Assisted Living here it was a great facility!! Highly recommended
Brittany Mckinney
Brittany M.
00:21 02 May 18
My mother has resided at Carmel Senior Living for more than 2 years in independent living. Great facility awesome... I can only visit on weekends to see her and know she is in a great place.... When I go to see her I must give a shout out toJane Fraser at front desk who greets me with a huge smile and makes me feel Mom was takin care of in my absence...... mucho Kudos to Jane Fraser for the piece of mind& Carmel Senior Living, great staff and facilities. Todd Lloyd
todd lloyd
todd L.
02:27 28 Mar 18
Gregg B.
06:23 19 Mar 18
This is a lovely living space. The dining room is quite nice with a menu to make meal selections. There appears to be a wide array of daily activities. I was especially impressed with the wellness area and access to a personal trainer. There are many well-appointed common areas including a library where a resident could seek company if desired.
Beverly Leddy
Beverly L.
15:22 15 Feb 18
My parents moved from Charlotte and lived in Carmel Senior Living for the last 1 1/2 years and LOVED it. The best complement was from my Dad who after a hospital stay said "I want to go home". I said Dad, "We sold your home in Charlotte" and he said, "I want to go home to Carmel Sr. Living", this coming from a man who never wanted to leave their home in Charlotte. They found their apartment to be very comfortable, the staff has been outstanding, friendly people live there, it is light and nicely decorated and a very nice senior community. I highly recommend if you or your parents are looking for independent living, consider this for an improved quality of life.
Diane Kostyshyn
Diane K.
17:23 19 Jan 18
Carmel Senior Living is a wonderful place, with warm and caring staff, residents and facilities. Liz, Cindy and Tina were especially kind to my mother when we took her for a visit and needs assessment. We were very impressed with everyone we worked with and met. We ended up finding another nice assisted living property for my mom just a few minutes from our home; however, we would have had full confidence and security relocating my mom to Carmel Senior Living. Anyone seeking assisted care (and their family) should definitely consider Carmel Senior Living. I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Jim Shaffer
Jim S.
18:33 29 Dec 17
I met with Liz to tour Carmel Senior Living as an option for independent living for my mother. She could not have been more helpful. The facility was lovely and Liz was knowledgable about the needs my mother would have. I was very impressed.
Mike Warren
Mike W.
00:45 16 Dec 17
Dean E
Dean E
13:21 07 Dec 17
Although we did not ultimately move my mother into this facility I found it very easy, informative and a pleasure to work with the Community Relations Coordinator Liz Erickson. She not only obviously cares about residents but also provided a helpful ear and a reference to an excellent elder care attorney that we plan to utilize in the future. It is an absolutely beautiful facility and I would not hesitate to recommend friends and family to give this place a look. I felt as if I was in a five star hotel during our tour and again, Liz made the experience a pleasure and I very much appreciate her efforts to make us feel cared for.
15:36 31 Oct 17
Such a friendly, comfortable community!
Shelley Ardery
Shelley A.
19:28 01 Aug 17
I've found all element of care have be well thought through. I appreciate a feeling that I as a caretaker have an extended family of professionals who care as much as I do. I highly recommend this facility and the caring individuals who care for its residents.
Gregory Blackwell
Gregory B.
13:30 01 Jun 17
The staff at Carmel Senior Living is awesome. I have enjoyed interacting and talking with them. There are many activities to keep everyone busy and fit each persons interests. The facility is beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful. The residents are kind, fun, and caring towards each other. I enjoy Carmel Senior Living each time I visit.
Erin McLaughlin
Erin M.
16:13 23 Jan 17
John Comita
John C.
20:27 01 Dec 16
bob emery
bob E.
21:38 30 Mar 16
Junnel was a great guide.. She followed up with an email for information we requested. The food was just okay and the service was slow. TMhe facility was very good.Don & Louise Knight
Louise Knight
Louise K.
12:51 19 Jun 19
Beautiful facility.
Darvin Barnes
Darvin B.
13:24 11 May 18
Had an excellent visit with Sharon and others at Carmel Senior Living. They have a nice facility, and lots of services and amenities for their residents. Really appreciate the time they spent with us as we considered alternatives for our Mom's new assisted living lifestyle!
Mark Burton
Mark B.
13:31 03 Jan 18
There have been many staff issues in the past two years that have resulted in slow responses at times but which seems to now be settling down which is one reason for the 3 stars. There have been some Doctor appts and some lunch appointments that my Dad was not reminded of that resulted in me having to take him which is another reason for the 3 stars. I wish Sherry or Jane could be on staff during the day! The personal caring comes through with Liz, Sharon and Rita. Also with Sherry and Jane who are at the desk at night. They are invaluable to my husband and myself. My Mom recently passed away but staff at CSL as mentioned above, keep an eye out on how he is doing and talks to me every time I go in to let me know. I truly appreciate that.
Lara Taylor
Lara T.
16:36 15 Nov 17
The kitchen manager has no clue how to run the dinning room. The servers try and are nice but are improperly trained.If you have a problem call Denver the home office, if you explain or speak to the local manager about a problem they will tell you that it will be taken care of NOT!If you are looking for a senior living facility for yourself and your spouse, this is not the place. The is a nursing house that thinks it is a living center.
Gerald Goldblatt
Gerald G.
21:29 17 Jun 18
I worked here as DOW, this place is horrible. The upper management are not the kind that should be in charge of an Assisted living facility. Supplies were ordered from AMAZON, instead of medical supply places. The upper management were very dishonest and would tell untruths abou t things. I truly would not trust upper management and I think corporate should sneak in and have a peek at how their beautiful facility is fact becoming disgraceful.
Deb Dobbins
Deb D.
00:34 04 Nov 17
My mother was there for about a year and a half. A few months after she moved in, the GM of the property left. We already had some complaints but were assured it would get better. It never did. The food was a joke. The servers were consistently overworked, late or no shows, and not polite. There were multiple times that non food service personnel HAD to work the kitchen and serve due to lack of staff. There were MEMORY CARE NURSES who abandoned their area to help work the kitchen. They were out of basics like coffee, eggs, and milk consistently. The bistro was supposed to be stocked with snacks and salads. It was almost always empty. It got so bad I stopped paying the monthly bills. It took them FOUR MONTHS to even contact me to ask why. I told them it was because they weren't addressing my mothers issues and they wouldn't return my numerous calls. Finally, partly due to stress from the living conditions, us being fed up with all of the broken promises, and her disease progressing, we had to move my mother into a full care facility. We told them we were looking and would be moving ASAP. However, when we were able to locate a place and move, we did so within a week, and therefore did not give them an official 30 days notice. They charged me for three weeks of a new month, knowing my mother left for health reasons and not to a competitor. The people they have on staff will lie to your face all day long but nothing ever changes. They are constantly being asked to work other areas of the facility other than their position. There were 3 different GM's of the property in the year and a half. That should tell you it is a system they have: Make promises. Keep doing the same thing. Promise it will get better. Change staff. Repeat. Do not let a loved one move here unless you want them to never know what will be available to eat, want hot food served cold, and the staff changes more than you can keep up with.
Scot Pollard
Scot P.
20:40 30 Aug 17
Dawn DeGasperis Pollard
Dawn DeGasperis P.
20:28 30 Aug 17
Rochelle Perry-Harris BA CTRS LPN ADC
Rochelle Perry-Harris BA CTRS LPN A.
18:07 27 Jul 17
My 93 yr old mom was here for 10 days before I pulled her out due to neglect. In trying to get her money-back guarantee, which took over 2 months, they cut the amount to less than half. The director, Stacy Gallardo, stopped responding to my calls & emails & dumped it on her business manager, Jeremy. It would take him days to weeks to reply back because he had no idea what was going on. Horrible communication, but worse was the neglect my mother received. I would never recommend this place to anyone!
Janet Kidd
Janet K.
20:34 15 Jun 17
Have to completely laugh! The video describes an unbelievably terrific experience. The REALITY is something completely different! NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT IS DESCRIBED IN THE VIDEO. Our parents have lived there since it opened in September 2015. CSL is on their third director and fourth dining services manager! In one year!! The bistro is a joke. The food quality is average at best. Frequently run out of main entrees. Dining room is dirty. Plates, glasses, silverware are disgusting. They constantly are asking residents to "please be patient during the transition" (from one manager to another.) Residents frequently complain about the same things over and over. Poorly managed by corporate. Residents starting to leave. Dining services is a main item that determines satisfaction in adult communities. This place is currently and has been a total FAILURE. Plus, waiters and waitresses are not friendly. Hopefully this is enough to paint the picture.
Art Vandolay
Art V.
16:35 27 Sep 16