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Challenge Accepted! 

Thanks for joining us in the fight against Alzheimer’s & participating in Artbrellas of Algonquin challenge.

Next Steps

Thank you for joining the Artbrellas of Algonquin challenge! We’re excited to see your creative design. Once your design is ready, please reach out to James Faust, and we will come by to take a photo. This will help promote your Artbrella on social media and generate excitement for the business crawl on September 14. You can display your Artbrella in your business establishment from August 26 until the day of the business crawl. We recommend creating a giveaway or promotion on the day of the crawl to showcase your business and attract visitors.


Post-Event Collection

After the business crawl, James will collect your Artbrella, which will be displayed at the Artbrellas of Algonquin Fashion Show on September 22. If you would like to attend the main event and walk your Artbrella down the runway yourself, please let us know.


Design Submission Deadline:
Friday, August 16





Jim Faust, Director, Entertainment & Programming