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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

We never know what Roy will get into next. 😂 From starting his own karaoke night, to dancing down the halls with our caregivers, he's always up to something!

We love having residents who live their truth and bring color to our communities!

#TheOaksCookieLab is getting ready to face off with Silver Glen in their first ever #GreatCookieClash🍪 Fran asked residents at The Oaks at Algonquin what their favorite Chocolate Chip cookie was … perhaps they’ll use the helpful tips to create their secret formula 😏 ...#CookieConfessionsWithFran

#belikefran #seniorlivingexperience

At Bob’s Infused Bourbon, we like our bourbon like we like our commercials, authentic. Silver Glen’s bourbon line embodies the spirit of our residents… Sweet and very smooth 😉

Are you thirsty? Try #BobsBourbon, babes! Flavors included: Berry and Bright: Berry and Pear, The Sweet ...Life: Oatmeal Cookie, and Heath Bar: Toffee and Caramel.

#authenticcommercials #honestcommercials #seniorliving #bourbon #comedy #BobsBourbonBabes #AgeIsAnAttitude #livecolorfully

The residents of Southview loved working as a TEAM for our #OverALZ project! Our Assisted Living and Memory Care residents painted Forget-Me-Nots flowers to bring awareness to the research and medical breakthroughs for Alzheimer’s. The forget-me-nots flowers remind us of the precious moments of ...our lives and symbolize continued love and respect for one another! Aunt Dude is a resident in our Memory Care and is known for her love of fashion! She loved ROCKIN the overalls on the runway!

When Margaret first moved into one of our communities, she stayed away from anything green because she could never keep plants alive for long!

After Joanie saw her struggle to keep her bounty blooming, they teamed up and now Margaret has some of the best plants on the patio. ...🌻🌷🌹

We’re always here to help lift each other up and learn along the way - because growing up never gets old!

Hector's a big ball of sunshine ☀️ His big, bright smile and lively attitude gives us all something to grin about!

Jerry K, one of our residents and members of the Affton Historical Society, always speaks highly of The Oakland House Museum. The ladies of Southview wanted to see it for themselves! We enjoyed a lovely luncheon and would like to thank all the volunteers for being gracious and letting us tour the!

The ladies loved learning about the Benoist family and the artifacts preserved by the Affton Historical Society.

Theo and Rhonda know what it means to live colorfully - they’ve traveled from Portugal to Paris, and from Sydney to Syracuse.

Settling down into one of our communities meant a little change of pace, but they’re still finding adventure together every day 🌈

O-H-I-O!📣 Residents at Hilliard are kicking off their #BeatMichigan week with the one and only @thebrutusbuckeye!

GO @OhioStateFB🏈!

Hear From Residents and Family of Southview Assisted Living & Memory Care!

Porkchop lPorkchop l
09:34 22 Oct 22
This place is a total trainwreck. Manangement is a joke, coporate is a joke. Medications is given to the wrong residents or not given at all. Report it and it falls on death ears. They do not appreciate their staff. Sum people don't get raises that has been employed there for years or get eleven or twelve cents how ridiculous. They offer no incentives for extra work nor offer a thank you. One of the lowest paying facilities in the county staff leave and come as a they please with no consequences. Overall a Horrible job and Horrible place to have your family member stay it is alot of better places in the area that actually care about their staff and residents they lie to get you in the door then it all change.
Verna FlemingVerna Fleming
09:36 17 Oct 22
My 93 year old Mother recently moved to Southview, and now my brother and I can finally sleep at night knowing that she is safe and cared for. From our initial meeting, through the process of making preps to move her, till now; the Staff has been helpful, warm and welcoming. Recently we had our 30 day evaluation, any questions we had were listented to and addressed. It has been a significant change in Mom's life, but the staff has eased the process. I am confident Southview is the best place for Mom at this stage of her life.
sarah moonsarah moon
01:43 07 Jul 22
I have worked at this facility for 7+ years, I have bonded with my residents and they have become like my extended family. This is what it’s really all about when working in this field and I feel like this facility made it all worth it. Recently lost my job here and would give anything to be able to go back there and try again and show that I have had nothing but good intentions for those wonderful people that I was so blessed to care for for so many years.
Barbara BrewerBarbara Brewer
21:22 21 Feb 22
Everything about it.Fantastic 😁
Abra StewartAbra Stewart
16:25 01 Jul 21
Clean facility. Staff is super nice
Leah WoodsLeah Woods
19:46 05 Aug 20
I have worked with Jenny Murie, Sales Director, for about 2 1/2 years. She is a very dedicated and passionate about her residents. I was invited to several events held at Southview Assisted Living & Memory Care. Jenny contacts me when she has residents who need a little more one on one attention. I also contact her when I am aware of someone in the community who is looking for an assisted living. Southview is a beautiful community and due to Jenny's direction, the residents have the opportunity to live in a comfortable home away from home.
Jeanne ClarkJeanne Clark
21:26 26 Feb 20
My sister was having a very hard time leaving her house and garden and reluctant to move into assisted living. We both shed tears but I knew it was best. The first two months were rough adjusting but now she tells me every time we are together how much she LOVES it at Southview and that all the people are WONDERFUL! I have to pinch myself sometimes to see if Im dreaming!!!
Shirley AdamsShirley Adams
03:28 23 Nov 18
Needed to place my Mom into Memory Care after a stroke. Couldn't be more happy with the choice I made in placing her into Southview.From the front office staff to the R.N.'s and especially the caring dedicated patient care techs have nothing but praise for all! Everyone there seems so engaged from the staff to the residents like a true community.The place is kept clean the residents are able to furnish and decorate their own little apartments. I have stayed for a meal or two and was surprised how delicious.It's a very difficult time in a child's life to have to do this to a parent. Be assured that you will at the end of a visit, feel confident that your loved one is treated with dignity and compassion and above all safe.I know I am.
Fran PiazzaFran Piazza
19:04 22 Feb 15
My Mother lived at Southview in one of the apartments in the assisted living care - Without a doubt, the staff treated her with utmost respect, love and compassion, and looked after her as truly "one of their own". My family and I were very grateful to Southview, starting with managerial staff and right down to the medical aides etc. As a result my Mother felt very secure under their loving care. In addition, the planned activities that were conducted for the residents were very good and provided interaction with the other residents - Definitely a "hands on" facility -Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Southview to anyone as the "premier" facility of its kind.