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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

Hector's a big ball of sunshine ☀️ His big, bright smile and lively attitude gives us all something to grin about!

Theo and Rhonda know what it means to live colorfully - they’ve traveled from Portugal to Paris, and from Sydney to Syracuse.

Settling down into one of our communities meant a little change of pace, but they’re still finding adventure together every day 🌈

O-H-I-O!📣 Residents at Hilliard are kicking off their #BeatMichigan week with the one and only @thebrutusbuckeye!

GO @OhioStateFB🏈!

Who can touch their toes? 🙋 Winnie led a group of seniors to help get them out and about and flex their muscles. 💪 Now they’re all showing off!

Frank says, “I can’t believe I’m feeling more nimble now than I did 20 years ago - but I didn’t have motivation like Winnie ...before!”

A colorful life is all about being flexible.

“Well if I’m going to do my exercises every day anyway, why not include my friends too”- Peggy

Peggy leads a weekly “Early Bird Exercise” class which has grown immensely popular. She is a retired educator who finds pride and joy in leading her peers in this beneficial class.

The sensational sleuths at Round Rock spent a scary day solving a gruesome murder and thwarting the villain's dastardly plan of locking them away to escape. Luckily, these seniors pieced together the mystery, determined "who dunnit", and unlocked the cipher that revealed the keys to ...their victory.

Congratulations to the teams who expertly won our community's very own Murder Mystery Escape Room!

“You are NEVER too old to be on a Harley, Mama!”

Nothing captivates Barb’s attention like the roar of a Harley!
Barb has always dreamed of experiencing the exhilarating freedom of being on the open road on a hog. Barb and her husband, Tony, have shared this same dream. She never... imagined that at 79 years young, she would get the thrill of a lifetime!

Thank you, @WishofaLifetime, for making this happen! We also want to thank our new friends from the Kirkwood hog chapter who helped make this possible.

#AgeFearlessly #livecolorfully #ThisIsSeniorLiving #AgeIsAnAttitude

To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, we honor you today and every day 🇺🇸 #veteransday

Hear From Residents and Family of Las Soleras Senior Living!

Brad HuffBrad Huff
15:52 22 Mar 22
It appears well built and well maintained, most of the staff are competent and friendly, and Santa Fe is awesome.
New Mexico Gamers!New Mexico Gamers!
14:21 21 Feb 22
The staff are always welcoming
Kaycee CanterKaycee Canter
20:22 21 Sep 21
My Mother, of Las Vegas, Nevada, has been living and thriving at Las Soleras in Santa Fe since July! The place, people and pricing are more than what we could have ever expected, and I am confident any person fortunate enough to live there will have the same experience as us! With the personal touch of Peter Godeschalk, there is no other place I want my Mom to live, and fortunately she agrees! Thank you, Las Soleras.
beverlykay miltonbeverlykay milton
23:34 30 Jul 21
Beautiful very new Retirement Living in Santa Fe. There's lots of rooms and floorplans available. Check them out.