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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

Hector's a big ball of sunshine ☀️ His big, bright smile and lively attitude gives us all something to grin about!

As part of our ongoing work to help the students of the Northern Chicago Public Schools, we packed hundreds of snack bags for their after-school programs.

Theo and Rhonda know what it means to live colorfully - they’ve traveled from Portugal to Paris, and from Sydney to Syracuse.

Settling down into one of our communities meant a little change of pace, but they’re still finding adventure together every day 🌈

O-H-I-O!📣 Residents at Hilliard are kicking off their #BeatMichigan week with the one and only @thebrutusbuckeye!

GO @OhioStateFB🏈!

Who can touch their toes? 🙋 Winnie led a group of seniors to help get them out and about and flex their muscles. 💪 Now they’re all showing off!

Frank says, “I can’t believe I’m feeling more nimble now than I did 20 years ago - but I didn’t have motivation like Winnie ...before!”

A colorful life is all about being flexible.

What happened at the Cherry Creek Saloon? As part of our Gold Rush of the 1800's theme, residents played roles of suspects in theft and murder at the Cherry Creek Saloon in 1850! A team of investigators worked together to solve the mysteries.

“Well if I’m going to do my exercises every day anyway, why not include my friends too”- Peggy

Peggy leads a weekly “Early Bird Exercise” class which has grown immensely popular. She is a retired educator who finds pride and joy in leading her peers in this beneficial class.

The sensational sleuths at Round Rock spent a scary day solving a gruesome murder and thwarting the villain's dastardly plan of locking them away to escape. Luckily, these seniors pieced together the mystery, determined "who dunnit", and unlocked the cipher that revealed the keys to ...their victory.

Congratulations to the teams who expertly won our community's very own Murder Mystery Escape Room!

This weekend residents and their families enjoyed a display of pictures from our Veterans' years of service. We celebrated our 100-year-old Veteran, Elaine, who is a vibrant part of our community. She was a Navy Wave for three years before thirty years of teaching and many years of ...volunteering and working in our National Parks!

Hear From Residents and Family of Green Oaks Senior Living!

Karen PKaren P
21:50 01 Oct 22
The facility is lovely and the staff that is in place is great. The new Executive Director is very good and the activity department works hard to schedule daily events and enjoyable entertainment. The other residents are upbeat and interesting and our mother has made some wonderful new friends. The many sitting rooms and patios give a spaciousness to the residents' environment by adding alternative spots to visit with their family and friends. The main downfall is that the food choices in the dining room are inconsistent in quality and not particularly appropriate for senior diets. We are sorry for the residents that the advertised meal options have deteriorated.
Nancy JNancy J
22:40 14 Dec 21
This is the perfect place for my mom! Susan was a wonderful resource to us and really helped us during the process. All the employees have been absolutely wonderful and helpful! It is a very happy place and everyone has been very kind.
Kevin CharnotaKevin Charnota
19:23 05 Oct 21
My decision to move my father to Green Oaks from another highly regarded senior living arrangement in Norridge was not one made lightly. In the previous facility he had navigated through their multiple tiers of service to the nursing wing. While he was well cared for and looked after, the crowded hospital-floor-like environment was not at all what I wanted for him at the end of his life. It was the Covid lockdown and he was safe and cared for. I set aside my guilt.A year later I connected with Susan Weisbond at Green Oaks. I was completely unaware that my father still had options. Susan introduced me to the much more robust and capable memory care team at Green Oaks and their facility. I was floored. The building looked new. My father could have his own room again, with a window view out to a beautiful pond.The spaces are warm, inviting and ample. Nothing is crowded. People are smiling. This is what I wanted for my dad in his last days.Since moving him in June the love and care he has received from the staff has been amazing. Jennifer Grupe, the Memory Care manager is attentive and resourceful. She will roll up her sleeves and is a fantastic leader. Team members Jaz, Ella and Vanessa have been especially wonderful to my dad and have formed tight bonds with him that I thought not possible in this type of care setting. I see these staffers sharing that same level of love, compassion and care with all the residents. It restores my peace of mind and assures me my fathers last days will be content and comfortable. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Highly recommended!
Roy AzzarelloRoy Azzarello
17:35 16 Jul 21
My daughter checked out several senior living locations in the Chicagoland area. After an exhaustive search, she told me Green Oaks in Libertyville Ill was the best choice. My daughter was absolutely correctIt had been my experience that Green Oaks offers exceptional value for the money. The amenities are awesome and the staff cannot be friendlier or more helpful . The food they serve is excellent and dining room service is very fast and friendly.I would like to give personal kudos to Susan, the sales manager for her help in picking out the best apartment for me. Had it not been for her work and dedication, I might not have moved to Green Oaks . But she did and I did. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate Green Oaks a 9. 5 I was tempted to rate Green Oaks a 10 , but then I remembered that nobody or nothing is perfect,
Mary Jo PosterliMary Jo Posterli
02:38 16 Feb 21
Lisa was great through the process of asking questions, getting back to me in a timely fashion, and showing me around. The community is lovely, located right near my house, the apartments are well appointed.
Eileen LocascioEileen Locascio
15:04 10 Dec 20
My husband and I have now lived in Green Oaks Senior Living in Libertyville for three plus years, and we love it here. Our director, David Williams cares about our needs and health. During the pandemic he has made sure that we stay safe, while meeting our social needs as best as possible. Our Chef and cooks try very hard to make sure our meals are delicious, and we have a variety of choices. Social directors, maintenance staff, and servers are caring and work very hard to keep us happy and safe. We are a family of residents that truly love and care for each other. I would not want to live anywhere else! Thank you and God Bless.
Tracy GlassTracy Glass
19:00 28 May 18
While the apartments are lovely and the people living in them are great, Green Oaks does not seem to be living up to their promises. The dining room is alway understaffed. Often staff members are pulled in from other places to fill in from assisted living, front desk, maintenance, and even the chef. Even though food is supposed to be served restaurant style, for at least the last two weeks there has only been a buffet - which is particularly challenging for residents with mobility issues. My parent says they have the same offerings for lunch and dinner with the scheduled dinner time to rotate residents through. Even with this, I hear sometimes there are no plates or silverware and very little staff to even man the buffet. Previous to the buffets, I have dined with my mother on at least five occasions. Generally the service is slow and erratic, and the plates are rarely cleared or spots at tables turned over to allow for community seating. Clearly the work environment is not a good one, be it lack of training, poor pay, no benefits, possibly difficult chef, terrible shift schedules, or lack of leadership. Probably all of the above. There must be a reason why they are unable to find and maintain quality staff.This last week the word was that they had contacted an agency to hire a new dining service staff, but as of this week there is still NO STAFF!The bistro that was advertised as a second option or alternative to the main dining room where residents could get a soup, sandwich, snack, or coffee at anytime, never seems to be stocked with much of anything, maybe a couple bananas or 3 or 4 hard boiled eggs. Even though when my mom toured another Spectrum facility the bistro was staffed and had a chilled case with sandwiches, salads, yogurt, chip, snacks, and a pot of hot soup.As this facility was recently built and just opened in August of 2017, I have suspended judgment until they were up and fully running with most residents moved in, hoping that the food service would improve, but if anything it has only declined. All of this is especially disconcerting for residents who are paying a lot for a place that offers taking this full meal plan as the only option. I do feel like it's been going on long enough that reparations should be made for services not rendered.There is crazy high staff turn over.