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Palmilla Senior Living is your jumping off point for an adventurous life!

Palmilla Senior Living on the northern edge of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is your gateway to all of life’s adventures. This multicultural hub is home to a host of events and activities including a variety of arts events, theater and musical performances, the New Mexico Bowl, and, of course, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with more than 500 hot air balloons taking flight. Spend your days golfing at the local courses, visit the Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway, head south to Petroglyph National Monument to hike some trails, or take a day trip with friends to Valles Caldera National Preserve.

Even with all there is to do in the area, sometimes you want to relax at home. We’ve got you covered. Palmilla Senior Living boasts so many wonderful amenities including an outdoor courtyard where you can spend an afternoon with a good book, an on-site beauty salon so you can BE You, and a state-of-the-art fitness center to BE Healthy.

Still not sure if Palmilla Senior Living is the right home for you? The Sky Lounge offers the perfect spot to meet new friends for happy hour, take a cooking class in the demonstration kitchen, watch an “oldie, but goodie” in the theater, or pull up a comfy chair in one of the lounges to chat with neighbors. And by all means, invite your family over to share in the fun.

Furry friends are important to us, too. Bring Fido and move right in. Our range of living options and transparent pricing will ensure you know exactly what’s included in your monthly rent. No buy-in fees, no hidden charges. You’re going to love Palmilla Senior Living.


Our living options allow you the freedom to choose.

Independent Living

Seniors 55 and older living life on their terms. Comfortable, modern living, with all the amenities and maintenance taken care of.

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Assisted Living

Licensed Assisted Living offering residents the freedom to enjoy new experiences, with just the right amount of help.

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Memory Care

Abilities and interests of the individual are encouraged, fostering increased engagement and participation in residents with dementia.

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BE Healthy
Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.
BE Involved
Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.
BE Inspired
What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.
BE You!
“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.

Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.

What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.

“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

The keys to your best life are simple: BE Healthy, BE Involved, BE Inspired, and BE You. Spectrum Retirement provides enrichment programs, activities, and amenities to promote your happiness, independence, and total wellness.

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BE Healthy
BE Involved
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What People Are Saying About Us

The staff at Palmilla became like family to Mom and me over the past 14 months. I always knew she was well cared for and I didn't need to worry about her safety. Many times they brought her meals. I could call anytime and ask to talk with the med techs or caregivers. They always gave me time to ask questions and never made me feel like I was interrupting. Quite a few times they helped search for lost hearing aides or shoes or just checked on her for me when I couldn't reach her by phone. Mom's final week in Memory Care was such a good move! Mom was at peace and content when she passed because of the extra care. I will be forever grateful to so many of the staff.
lois culler
lois C.
05:44 08 Nov 19
I love living here at Palmilla! I’m in assisted-living and the staff are fantastic, always helpful, kind and understanding. There are plenty of activities to participate in! Different movies every day. Lots of social activities!
Deirdre Murphy
Deirdre M.
19:38 26 Jun 19
The staff is amazing! They truly treat their residents like a member of their own family. Lizz, Wellness Director, is on top on everything and can discuss resident care at the drop of a hat.
16:45 24 Jun 19
We have multiple clients that live in Assisted Living and Independent Living at Palmilla. They are extremely happy. We go do visits often to make sure they have everything they need, and as an owner, I am always very impressed with Palmilla. Everyone is friendly and welcomes you when you are there. The food is really good, and we love to help them when they do their activities and events with their residents.
Jennifer Mitchell
Jennifer M.
17:29 21 Jun 19
I looked many places and Palmilla was by far the best option the staff was supportive and the entire move-in process went smooth. My mom loves her beautiful apartment and she is really happy and is meeting new friends! Huge kudos to the staff at Palmilla they were amazing and very welcoming and friendly and they answered all my questions.
22:28 20 Jun 19
Teresa Pruett
Teresa P.
21:56 25 May 19
I absolutely love the staff here, they are amazing with my grandmother. They care and it shows. They do everything that can and will go above and beyond to help those that are not demanding entitled a**hats (I'm referring to the families, not residents).
01:34 20 Oct 18
My Mother had been living at Fairwinds for about 5 years. Repairs in her apartment were not fixed as promised. The nursing staff was not consistent in regards to dispensing of medication times. My mother was even given the wrong dosage of medication at times. Went to Palmilla, just walking thru those doors there was a positive energy about the place. We were greeted by all the staff, as well as the residents. We got a chance to eat lunch while we were touring the facility. The food was acceptable. The whole environment was bright. Had a chance to talk to some of the residents and not one had anything negative to say about the facility. Should of made this move to this facility a long time ago.
Nina Bruce
Nina B.
14:02 26 Sep 18
My husband has multiple health issues, and recently moved to Palmilla Senior Living. As a frequent visitor, I am very impressed with the consistent caring attitude, patience, and kindness of EVERY staff member.
Sally Mayeux
Sally M.
22:25 27 May 18
The employees, especially Misty, went out of her way and put extra effort into taking care of my needs while I was in the hospital. She assisted my wife during this time with administrative needs. She even called me once I was out of the hospital to keep me informed and see how I was doing. i can thank Palmilla for having the foresight of hiring such dedicated, sympathetic and talented employees. It allows me to know that I picked the right place to live. Thank you.
Carl Routson
Carl R.
22:57 08 May 18
Everyone at Palmilla Senior Living is kind and helpful. Their building is clean and well maintained. The memory care section was extremely impressive and the residents looked happy and well cared for.
Justine Maldonado
Justine M.
16:23 06 Dec 17
MariSol Maldonado
MariSol M.
23:26 16 Sep 17
Ricardo Larranaga
Ricardo L.
04:15 16 Aug 17
Julia Naranjo
Julia N.
23:39 25 Jul 17
My mom has been with Palmilla about 2 years. They are wonderful. I would to thanks Anne Breen in particular for her good work and caring spirit.
Bob Kidera
Bob K.
23:09 12 Oct 16
Bekki King
Bekki K.
18:55 18 Sep 16
After visiting many assisted living facilities in town we discovered Palmilla Senior Living for my grandma with dementia. The entire time she was there she was always happy. The entire building is always bright and lively. The food and dining room is wonderful. She never once complained about being there. Every one of the staff either working with her directly or not was extremely caring. We noticed very little turnover in staff and the care coordinator, Lizz, was incredible the entire time. Both assisted living and memory care were exceptional. The gang at Palmilla made my grandmas time there enjoyable and exciting and it was a great experience for our entire family.
Ivy Mueller
Ivy M.
19:02 29 Jul 16
Visited here for a couple of days while crossing America for the Alzheimer's Association. The bottom line can be found by speaking with residents. The residents love the place, the staff and the food.
Jack Fussell
Jack F.
19:31 23 Sep 15
As a Home Care PT for Advantage Home Care & Hospice, I see a lot of assisted living facilities. This one is gorgeous! And they offer so many activities, they have 3 different schedules to keep track of it all. I, as a PT, especially like that Palmilla offers multiple exercise classes, daily. The Palmilla staff has also demonstrated that they have a strong commitment to keeping their residents functioning at the highest level of independence as possible by offering free wellness screening to help identify potential problems before they become real mobility issues. The staff is very friendly and very helpful whenever I have a question, and I have observed staff on many occasions interacting w/their residents in a courteous, respectful, and helpful manner. I have not had an opportunity to try the food, but everyone I've spoken to says it's great, too! I would definitely recommend Palmilla.
Michelle Bunzel
Michelle B.
18:22 18 Nov 14
We enjoyed our visit and were impressed with the Pamilla facilities and staff. We plan to stay in our home for now. however Pamilla Senior Living is high on our list of options.
David Glenn Boyer
David Glenn B.
17:04 05 Oct 16
The food use to be the star attraction....not any more!
Gail Glasser
Gail G.
21:54 19 Nov 18
4th review - you might notice that there are no answers from the staff for those of use giving 1 star reviews. they completely ignore the problems we have. I finally moved mom due to their absolute negligence. 3rd review:again, downgrading. the services keep slipping. there are a few people who've been with the company long term who are trying so hard to keep the integrity of the place. very few activities planned. food has gone from not so good to awful and the dining room is no longer open all day. the people in the office don't listen or try to help. I know mom is in independent living and therefore no one is going to help her - but when there's an incident (fall) that needs my attention, I can't know to help unless Palmilla calls me. they don't. mom even asked them twice to call me when she was ill and I got no calls. I no longer feel that she's safe. she needs assisted living, and my feelings are that since the assisted living section was full, they wanted to keep her rent coming in by not communicating with me. the director is not in for a while, so I met with the financial director who has only one year of elder care experience and formerly worked at a car dealership. she agreed that I had a problem and promised to get the information I needed. she took 10 days to tell me that it's not Palmilla's problem to inform me of incidences and referred me to a nurse. I contacted her again a week ago with no response. it's difficult to find the corporate address to contact someone who might actually help._________________________2nd reviewI had to downgrade the review. lately, Palmilla has been full, so the service has taken a nose-dive. First, they changed the chef - they hired someone who is not a chef and it certainly is really bad now. Then they fired the Director - she was great to all of us and now there's no one who seems to mom's toilet back up on a Saturday and it was lucky I was visiting her on that day. there was no plan for any kind of plumbing emergency. I went down and talked to a person from the back office and I could tell that she wasn't going to do anything - she said it was a problem on the weekend - they expected my 93 year old mother to trudge down the hall the entire weekend to use the public restroom! really??? the person at the front desk was left holding the bag. she was injured and in a wheelchair - so not much she personally could do. she did finally find a plunger and guess who was unclogging the toilet?? ME! I've tried to get in touch with the people in charge of Palmilla in Denver with absolutely no response. ________________________1st review:My parents have been living at Palmilla for several months now. We all are happy! They are treated with respect and their needs are more than met. They live in the independent living part. It's called independent living, but many of the problems of having their own home are taken care of - they have no worries. the staff seems to turn over fairly often, but they still maintain the same quality of care. My folks have no need of an automobile, they are taken wherever they need or want to go. My parents are 91 and 90 and are still involved in the many activities provided at Palmilla. They are much more involved with people and have more friends than they ever would if they still lived in their home. Since they are happy and well cared for, I'm also happy. They have no worries; I have no worries. That's worth a lot for all of us.Overall, I'm very pleased with Palmilla and so are my folks. The grounds and building are kept very clean and neat and safe. One of the best things for me is that my folks feel safe and are not afraid as they were when they had their home.
Kyle Moore
Kyle M.
00:15 15 Aug 19
My Mom has been here for just over a month in Memory Care. This place has been problematic from the beginning with confusion about pricing, setting an appointment and services (activities). We hoped it was just the incompetence of the sales woman, but the issues have continued.Activities are posted daily but very often not done. Walking outside is hit or miss and the staff is terrific at making excuses. Smoking is allowed just outside entrances in violation of NM State Law and the staff even argues the right of the smoker to do so! No shade STILL in Memory Care Patio, so no one can enjoy being outside comfortably. Very little rapport has been established with my Mom and little assistance with personal care is evident. Confusion has continued with the Nurse over paperwork, emails not sent and setting appointment times.This last Monday, my Mom had a soiled towel in her bathroom. I asked the staff to collect and launder it. This was NOT done and the towel was in her closet hamper the next day. I gave it to an attendant, but since Monday was apparently laundry day, it is STILL not back clean. I was lectured by another attendant that Monday was laundry day - if only they had done it the day I asked!!!!This place's default for taking care of the folks in Memory Care is to park them in front of the Television. Pretty good for them to make money and still not provide activities instead. Apparently this place is just an old folks warehouse...
Mark Sherrod
Mark S.
17:14 14 Jun 19
Don't bother going in for an interview unless you want to waste your time. The lady that does "group interviews" determines whether she likes you or not on first appearance. It was very unprofessional and I felt as if I should've reported for discrimination! To let you know she isn't interested in you is when she skips past you for the group questions...she didn't even bother asking me my experience or anything, she just asked the people she wanted to. What a way to make you feel welcomed and uncomfortable! To top it off the people that she dismissed were the ones that were actually qualified, the ones she picked had no experience and hardly even knew how to speak. Lol so much for making your company any better! Maybe they should hire someone else who isn't jealous of other females as a hiring manager.*Interviewer kept asking me if she knew me from somewhere. What does that have to do with an interview? Is that why people are treated this way, because she feels she knows them from somewhere?...sad. very shady business.
Reina Lujan
Reina L.
19:17 25 Mar 19