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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

The Oaks Cookie Lab launched their winning cookie at @uprisingbakeryandcafelith this weekend 🍪 😋 The #ChippyCherry cookie will be sold all of the month of February.

The Son of Batches will also sell their winning cookie #ChipOffTheOldBlock in March! Stay tuned for that announcement... 📣

Uprising Bakery will donate 70% of the cookie sale proceeds to the @alzassociation .

Listen to some of the rave reviews the #ChippyCherry cookie got during #cookieconfessionswithfran 🎤

After learning about the different kinds of tortoises in our Animal of the Day chats, Lone Mountain residents finally got to meet them in person. Their favorite part was feeding them carrots and petting them. Who knew tortoises loved affection 🐢❤️?

Residents at Las Palomas took over Osaka Steakhouse in Mesa. Oh, what a show they put on for them! They laughed so hard at everyone attempting to catch flying food and sake in their mouths.Some of them are trained seals 🤣 "Cheers!" Or, should we say, Kanpai 🍶.

The first-ever #CookieClash between The Oaks at Algonquin and Silver Glen was a success! Silver Glen’s team, “The Sons of Batches,” SOBs, battled out for a chance to get their chocolate chip cookie recipe featured at @uprisingbakeryandcafelith ! The two categories judged in this cookie clash ...were 1. #BestChocolateChip, and 2. #BestDecoratedSugarCookie. Our cookie, “Chip Off the Old Block,” a potato chip-based chocolate chip cookie, was a salty showstopper. We choose geodes-inspired cookies with edible rock candy and glitter for our sugar-decorated cookies. The battle was a tight race, and both teams came out on top due to a split decision. Come purchase The Oaks’ “The Chocolate Cherry Chew” at UpRising in February and our “Chip Off the Old Block” in March!

#bakingcompetiton #cookiecompetition #illinois #SOBS vs #TheOaksCookieLab

The #SouthviewCrafters got a visit from a special friend last week ❤️ Anita, Doris, Laura, Jerry, Cuca, and Linda greeted little Millie with the refurbished pony they crafted for her.

Thank you to our Regional Director of Operations, Dan, and Lauren for bringing Millie! The ladies had ...a blast spending time with Millie!

Millie may not know yet, but her family has a lot of history with #Southview. Her dad, Dan, was raised in #Affton and helped open Southview 10 years ago! She also has a great-great-great aunt that has made #Southview her home for almost a year now!

#refurbishedfurniture #diy #rockinghorse

Residents at West Chester celebrated the third week of their aquatic-themed 🐠month by visiting the @NewportAquarium, where they witnessed a giant eel, felt a sea anemone, held a starfish, and stood in a tunnel filled with sharks. We have two weeks to learn more about ocean life and soak up the ...beach vibes🏖️

As The legend goes, sailors would often get the number 13 tattooed, so bad luck would see the mark and pass them by. Residents at Homestead had a blast joining in on this decades-old tradition and got themselves some "ink" to mark the superstitious holiday.


Members of Silver Glen’s #AdventureClub calmed it down by trying #ArielSilk #restorativeyoga✨ at @sagehealingco . Restorative yoga focuses on slow movements that highlight mind-body tension. We practiced balance, core strength, and breathing as we worked our way around the silk hammocks.They ...nailed the cocoon pose.

Homestead's #bakeology group celebrated the day with good ol' fashioned pecan logs! A delicious nougat center covered in rich, creamy caramel and rolled in chopped pecans. Doris and Mable agreed the best part was serving these treats around our community!

We couldn’t say ✌️ to 2022 without giving you one last boogie 💃 See you ➡️ year ✨ #agefearlessly #livecolorfully