Tell Your Tale

in Tips & Advice

Your life story is unique and more captivating than you might imagine.

Writing your life story can benefit you as well as others. The process alone is known to be cathartic and enlightening, but it can also be highly beneficial as a family keepsake — should you choose to share it.

Whether you want to document your life in a factual way or unfold it in a fluid, captivating story, here are a few ways to get started.

1. Try Journaling

Do you remember the thrill of pouring your heart and soul into a journal as a child? If so, this may be a good way to start. Try writing a few times a week and see what spills out.

2. Embrace Technology

If you’re not that great with a pen, never fear! Tell your story to a simple, handheld voice recorder and enlist a friend or family member to transcribe it. Consider making a video of you telling your life story — family members will cherish that for generations. And a handy grandchild can probably edit it for you so it looks like a professional telecast.

3. Write About a Turning Point

Did a major event in your life catapult you toward a different path or a wild ride you never imagined signing up for? These experiences make for attractive first chapters or even an entire novel.

4. Write What You Feel Comfortable With

Don’t feel like you have to share every single detail. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, choose a different experience to write about. Since you’re the author, you get to decide what stays and goes.

There isn’t a right way to tell your tale. The key is to just get started. And keep on going!