Taking Care of Your Aging Parent — There’s an App for That!

in Health & Wellness

Five ways to make caregiving easier.

Let’s face it, caregiving can be a lot to wrangle. Luckily there are plenty of tech options to keep you on the up and up. We’ve curated five of the best apps that help make caretaking easier, more time efficient and more effective than ever.


Many caregivers’ top priorities are managing their parent’s medications. Oftentimes this means multiple times a day, on an ongoing basis. This nifty app streamlines the process and helps you keep track. You can set up reminders using visual pillboxes within the mobile application, helping ensure doses are taken on time, all the time. Best of yet, this app doesn’t need a data connection and can even send alerts while your phone is sleeping.

Caring Village

Coordinate and keep track of your parent’s care with the Caring Village app. It allows you to communicate effectively with care professionals, other family members and even neighbors. Create a village via its secure messaging system to organize specific care tasks that need to be accomplished. Shareable personalized to-do lists, document storage, a wellness journal, calendar and more are all neat features.

First Aid by American Red Cross

Worried about not remembering absolutely everything you need to know when it comes to first aid? Fear not. This handy pocket guide app from the American Red Cross delivers clear, easy-to-follow first aid and CPR instructions to assist during a medical emergency. But that’s not all, it also helps users figure out health issues by decoding symptoms, something that can be especially helpful for those who are showcasing physical symptoms but unable to verbally describe what’s happening to their body.


Keep an eye on your loved one even when you’re miles away. Delivering round-the-clock patient monitoring via wireless wearable devices (think Bluetooth or smart watches), this app allows you to unobtrusively track glucose, weight, activity, heart rate, calorie intake, sleep and more. Then share the vital health data with physicians and other family members to see if any adjustments to care are in order.

Elder 411

This unique app is not meant for caregiver management but rather for caregivers themselves, offering more than 500 bits of advice and elder care tips in 11 different areas of care. Guidance is delivered in small doses (audio, visual and Q&A formats) and available when you need it most, in the areas of safety, hiring caregiving helpers, legal, housing, adaptive equipment and more.