The freedom to live your best life!

Palmilla Senior Living’s Independent Living casitas are your gateway to the free wheelin’ lifestyle you choose. Enjoy the spontaneity of retirement—walk out the door for your next adventure without a care! These duplex-style homes offer you the benefits of single-family living such as privacy and ample space without the work of home maintenance and care. Travel the world, visit the grandkids, or head to the main building for an art class. Your comfortable, cozy casita will welcome you home from any endeavor.

You’ll love inviting family and friends to your new home. All while enjoying comfortable, modern living with an open floor plan and beautiful finishes.


Casita Lifestyle

Casita life supports the way you want to spend your time. There’s plenty of room to spread out, accommodate guests, and enjoy the activities you love. The open concept living area with a fireplace is the perfect place to relax and unwind.Two bedrooms and two bathrooms give you the flexibility to set your home up to have guests, a home office, or even a game room for when the grandkids visit. And you’ll love having a garage attached to your home. Use your private outdoor patio space for relaxing in the evening or growing an herb garden for cooking. Your home, your way!

All of that’s great, but the best thing about casita life is that you still have access to all of the on-site activities, services,and amenities. Everything we at Palmilla Senior Living offer is designed to let you BE You!Take advantage of the fitness classes, join your friends for the activities and events, attend movie night in the main building, and invite your family to join you for dinner that you don’t have to cook thanks to our restaurant-style dining room. This is truly the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard your whole life to have —take full advantage of it!