Activities & Wellness

We create more opportunities so you can say yes to more possibilities.

Exercise your freedom of choice. The beauty of living here is the abundance of activities and events available to you — participate as much or as little as you choose. You’re bound to meet other residents with common interests as you explore new hobbies. You’ve got the freedom to do whatever you can dream. Start today!

Please Note: Availability of programs may vary by community.

Event Calendar

Memory Care Event Calendar


BE You!

In the same way that your life story is uniquely yours, your experience here will be unique. Live the way you want to and BE You! We make life easier and more fulfilling by tending to all the necessities such as cooking, housekeeping, and maintenance, while you spend your time doing what you love.

Age is made up. Flying is real.

BE Healthy

Healthy bodies — and minds — are paramount to your quality of life. Our wellness center is your new home gym to take control of your balance, strength, and stability. Need a little help? We have in-house therapy providers to build a customized fitness plan tailored to meet your wellness goals. We also have regularly scheduled classes and informative discussions. Not into a treadmill? No problem. Take a walk outdoors around our beautiful property. Whatever health means to you — we’re here to support it.


BE Inspired

What inspires you? A great book? Skydiving? Learning about faraway places? The life stories of people close to you? We know inspiration comes in many forms, and we provide opportunities to inspire and expand your mind and wealth of knowledge.

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