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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

Last week, our Memory Care & Assisted Living got SUCH a sweet visit 🚌 from the 5th-grade students of Barretts Elementary School 🧒🏽 in celebration of "Kindness Day"! The residents were delighted to welcome over 50 children into the community for a few hours of fun ...😀Together; the residents partnered up to play board games, share stories about their experiences in school, & exchange clever jokes with one another 🤪

Eugene even got a few kids interested in helping him complete a puzzle that our Puzzle Masters club has been trying hard to figure out 🧩 As part of Kindness Day, the children each brought with them a few crafted cards ✉️ that they had specially made for the residents - in hopes of brightening up their day 🤝🏼

The children went room to room, spending time with our residents and handing out their cards ✏️. During this time, the residents expressed that they would love to become "pen pals" with the children of Barretts, as many of our residents love letter writing 📝 and hope that the new generation will keep this practice going even in the age of technology🖊️ A few of our memory care ladies sat together for a little social hour to get the letters started ✍️! They are looking forward to coming together with the rest of our "Friends of the Community" club in assisted living to add a few more to the pile & practice using fancy wax seals before sending them off to the kids💌!

Residents at homestead received donated CBD products from South Pointe Hemp and CBD to use for their soap-making project. There are many reasons to try CBD soap; it has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, so it can be helpful for conditions like acne and eczema as ...well as aiding in reducing sore, achy muscles.

#cbd #soapcbd

The Finer Things Club have been inspired to elevate their wine tasting & pairing experience🍷! At our most recent wine tasting in the community, the residents dived into the different types of food that pair best with their favorite wine👌🏻 When they were shown the ever-so-popular ...charcuterie board. They were excited to try and design some of their own 🍇🥖🧀 Marilyn & Nadine were stunned by the complexity of some of the boards they saw and wished they had the idea to make these back in the day when they hosted parties every weekend in their home. For their first charcuterie arrangements, I’d say they’re pretty impressive! They even were able to pull off the salami roses🌹 ! After getting them all together, they chose from a variety of wines to taste together and enjoyed social time & reminiscing 😌

Mountain Park residents put on their very own Variety Show for the community and they LIT up the room with their amazing performances. They enjoyed sharing their talents with their fellow peers and inspiring others to never stop pursuing their passions!

#FriendsoftheCommunity is a club that started in January amongst residents at Doughtery Ferry as their New Year’s Resolution,collectively, was to try to help people and animals in the community. They are working with Clare’s House a foster facility ❤️

#fosterpuppy ...#givingbacktothecommunity #adoptdontshop #seniorliving

The Friends of the Community is a club that started in January amongst the residents as their New Year’s Resolution, collectively, was to try to help people in the community. They are working with Clares House, a foster facility ❤️🐾

“Its a good thing I was born a girl, otherwise id be a drag queen 💅 .” - Dolly Parton 👑

#supportdragqueens #livecolorfully #agefearlessly #supportyourlocaldragqueens

The Groovin’ Group can Name That Tune! 🎶 Can you name that tune faster than Darlene? 😂 #memorycare

Our Do It Your Selfers club 🎨 is taking it up a notch with this new project! We have been dabbling in a bit of fun with pottery by making our first pinch pots 🤌🏼🏺 For our first attempt, we tried our clay out in the form of a plate to better understand the shaping techniques we had seen ...through our deep dive into videos showcasing different art methods 🤓 We were even able to give a few older flowers {from our floral arranging activity} a NEW use by adding it to one of our plates 🥀! After seeing how these turned out, we were ready to make our little pots! & what fun we had! Rolling out our clay, shaping it into the perfect trinket dish, & adding our pressed flowers 🌸. We sealed them off & they were ready for use after a day! Our residents were so happy with how they turned out 🤩 & excited about the new skill they had learned 👩🏻‍🎨

Hear From Residents and Family of Dougherty Ferry Assisted Living & Memory Care!

My mom has been at Dougherty Ferry for almost three years and we have had a very positive experience. As my mother's Alzheimers progressed she was moved into Memory Care Unit. During the first few months, there was turn over in the staff which presented some challenges. It has now been almost a year that the head of Memory Care Unit , Giselle , has been in charge and she is truly remarkable. Through her actions, it is obvious that she not only cares for all the residents but also for her staff. She works with her staff to teach them how to individualize the care for each resident. On a Saturday evening, my Mom's two caregivers called to express some concerns about changes in my mom's behavior. They explained how they had spent time with her throughout the day comforting her when she was scared and making sure she felt safe. We talked about her progression in Alzheimers and what the next phase might look like. Recently, they hired an activity director who focuses on Alzheimer patients..... while she is new at the facility her enthusiasm and communication is already present. Since the onset of COVID, I see my Mom through window visits, the entire staff work hard to keep the COVID cases to a true minimum. Having a loved one in a facility during a pandemic can be very stressful, but I truly feel my Mom is in the best place for her. She is always clean, washed, and most importantly happy. The staff of memory care at DF are true frontline heroes!
Kathy Danzo
Kathy Danzo
03:35 20 Dec 20
Earlier this year my mom was hospitalized and had a short stay at a skilled rehab facility. It was there that they told us that my mom would no longer be able to live independently. I called Dougherty Ferry assisted living and scheduled a tour that next week. I immediately knew that this was going to be the best fit for her. The staff new each resident by name and it just felt very warm and welcoming. My mom has now been living there for a few months and has never been happier. She tells us all the time that there is not one thing that she does not like there. She loves the staff, she loves the food, she loves her room. She is very involved in the activities and looks forward to them every day. It has given us peace of mind knowing that she is living somewhere where she is safe, loved, and very well cared for. I will always say that Dougherty Ferry assisted-living was a Godsend!!!
Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith
21:35 06 Nov 19
We have been very happy with the loving care my mother is receiving at the Dougherty Ferry Assisted Living and Memory Care facility. She suffers from dementia and is in the Memory Center here. The administrative staff is very pleasant to work with, they listen to our feedback with kindness, they are accommodating with requests made for our loved one in their care, and they are always open to suggestions we might have to better serve their residents. The care giving staff is equally as pleasant to work with. They are always happy and smiling while they work. They are quick to learn the habits of each of their residents and understanding how best to care for each individual. They are loving and patient with my mother, no matter what kind of mood she is in. The staff keeps the facility clean and looking nice and welcoming to everyone. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone!
Debbie Costrino
Debbie Costrino
13:24 30 Aug 17
After a thorough search I selected Dougherty Ferry Assisted Living & Memory care for my mom. One year later I am very happy with the choice. My mom is getting great care and fits in very well socially. The facility is immaculate and the staff are pleasant and very supportive.
Les Silies
Les Silies
21:38 29 Aug 17