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Balcony Bootcamp Exercise Program for Seniors

Senior Living residents stay active with a distanced exercise program for seniors.


Although the words easy and COVID-19 typically don’t appear together in a sentence, team members at Spectrum Retirement Communities make it easy for residents to stay active during these coronavirus times with an exercise program for seniors. Staying fit in body and mind is important for a healthy lifestyle.

By taking it to the courtyards, the balconies, and the hallways, Senior Living residents find it easy to stay active with a wide variety of exercise options. Adapted to maintain safe distances, here are a few social distance exercises you’ll find happening every day in Spectrum Retirement communities.


Courtyard Yoga

At The Enclave at Cedar Park Senior Living, courtyard yoga is the perfect way for residents to get outside for some fresh air and gentle stretching. These early morning yoga sessions are not only timed to beat the Texas heat but provide residents with that special boost of energy needed to start the day by getting the blood flowing.


The Enclave at Anthem Senior Living Zumba ClassWater Aerobics

What goes great with retirement in Arizona? A nice, refreshing pool, of course. Exercising in water not only provides a safer workout zone for seniors but also helps to prevent residents from overheating during the workout.

Residents of The Enclave at Chandler Senior Living are putting their outdoor pool to some serious use during COVID-19. In addition to the regular water aerobics and water fitness classes, residents can now enjoy a splash in the pool while doing Zumba. The large pool easily accommodates social-distanced water workouts.


Hallway Exercise

What to do if the weather doesn’t want to cooperate? Set up the “gym” in the hallway. With a hallway exercise program for seniors, residents simply set up a chair or stand in the hallway near their apartment door. An instructor leads participants through the typical fitness program they’re used to, but now residents enjoy classes such as Corridor Calisthenics, Stretch & Strength, and Chair Dancing to the ’60s.

It seems that the convenience of walking out your door to a class is attracting more interest. “More people are participating in hallway exercises than ever before,” says Brittany Kendjorsky, entertainment and programming director for Three Creeks Senior Living in Ohio. “Normally we do these down in the fitness center,” she says, “but now the exercise program comes to their door three times a week. We’ve definitely had a spike in participation overall with hallway activities.”



Whether it’s apartment dancing, a chair dance class, or a movement and music session, residents are encouraged and given ample opportunities to move, sway, bend, and stretch to music. “Music is so universal,” says executive director Debbie McElroy at The Enclave at Chandler Senior Living. She notes that, by far, their outdoor concert series is one of the most popular activities. “That’s where we see most people get involved.” As a rotating calendar of local musicians rock out in the parking lot, residents can be seen moving, grooving, and doing the twist on their balconies.


Lake Travis Independent Living Balcony BootcampBalcony Bootcamp

Residents are taking outside to a new level (sometimes as high as the third floor) during these times when maintaining social distance is an absolute necessity. Plus, getting residents outside, breathing fresh air, and getting a daily dose of Vitamin D is a priority at every Spectrum community.

Team members coordinate an outside distanced exercise program for seniors, while residents participate from their patios and balconies. Some of the more popular balcony boot camps include Flowasana Yoga, Move Your Body Cardio, Zumba, Sweating to the ’70s Chair Dancing. As Terri Baroden, the entertainment and programming director at The Enclave at Cedar Park Senior Living, explains: “It’s been a challenging adaptation [revising activities to ensure social distancing], but we’re doing it with great positivity and inspiration.”