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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

We would like to introduce our most cherished resident, #MyrtletheTurtle. A 3-toed box turtle, Myrtle found her way to our community and into our hearts. She’s bringing so much joy to our #MemoryCare neighborhood. This series will highlight the love and connection between animals and humans. We ...are excited to show you how Myrtle the Turtle is enriching the lives of our incredible residents.

Without further ado, Myrtle the Turtle: The Series🐢

For a woman whose life has been fueled by her adventurous spirit, being able to check off all 50 states from her travel list is a great accomplishment. Pat is a woman who moved quite frequently due to the nature of her husband’s job. Pat and her husband have visited every state except for one, ...Alaska.

Pat has a great passion for traveling as well as painting. So, it came as no surprise when Pat said her @wishofalifetime was to travel to Alaska to take a painting class.

Thank you @wishofalifetime, for helping Pat and her daughter get to Alaska. They both attended an outdoor painting class and enjoyed every second of it!

Here's to 103 years of memories and 103 years of life! You are special, and honor is due to all the great experiences life has given you. You've lived a FULL life and have brought so much joy to everyone that knows you.

Happy birthday 🎁🎉

Palos Heights hosted a family "Carnival for a Cause" raising more than $2,000 for the @alzassociation in one night! The evening was filled with tasty treats, an array of carnival games, live music, balloon creations, and the unanimous favorite: the dunk tank 😂

We live in a time where we constantly see people, but do we actually SEE them?

What inherent biases cause us to judge people in our daily lives? Implicit bias occurs unintentionally and affects judgments, decisions, and behaviors. It is the elephant in the room.

At Silver Glen ...Senior Living, residents and team members have embarked on a journey of self-improvement by taking the Harvard Implicit Association Tests. These tests measure the association between concepts such as race versus stereotypes. After completing the tests, participants will then engage in progressive programs that will provide a safe space to discuss the results.

Our hope is to understand inherent biases and cultivate change.

We are ready to address the elephant in the room.

To learn more about inherent biases click the link in our bio

Hear From Residents and Family of Hilliard Assisted Living & Memory Care!

john woodhamjohn woodham
00:20 24 Aug 21
I'm going there to visit my dying mother.
Linda LundquistLinda Lundquist
22:05 25 Nov 20
Paige is awesome! She was so engaged, helpful and listened well. I didn't feel pressure from her which gave me the ease to be honest about my needs should we decide not to move there. Really appreciated that! Loved everything about it!
Belinda MaddenBelinda Madden
01:02 15 Aug 20
Thanks ❤️Beilnda MaddenFlorence Camp ❤️Much better and your family 🙏 🙏💌
Jeff KallasJeff Kallas
12:57 20 Dec 16
Dignity, respect and compassion. For me three very important words used to describe how my father was treated by the wonderful caregivers and staff at the Hilliard Assisted Living and Memory Care facility. Very late in my father's remarkable life he became in need of 24 hour professional care. I am so thankful I discovered Hilliard AL and MC as I couldn't have asked for, or found, a better facility for him. The level of care he received was top-notch but he truly was treated with dignity, respect and compassion which I know he greatly appreciated as did I.