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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

Hector's a big ball of sunshine ☀️ His big, bright smile and lively attitude gives us all something to grin about!

Theo and Rhonda know what it means to live colorfully - they’ve traveled from Portugal to Paris, and from Sydney to Syracuse.

Settling down into one of our communities meant a little change of pace, but they’re still finding adventure together every day 🌈

O-H-I-O!📣 Residents at Hilliard are kicking off their #BeatMichigan week with the one and only @thebrutusbuckeye!

GO @OhioStateFB🏈!

Who can touch their toes? 🙋 Winnie led a group of seniors to help get them out and about and flex their muscles. 💪 Now they’re all showing off!

Frank says, “I can’t believe I’m feeling more nimble now than I did 20 years ago - but I didn’t have motivation like Winnie ...before!”

A colorful life is all about being flexible.

“Well if I’m going to do my exercises every day anyway, why not include my friends too”- Peggy

Peggy leads a weekly “Early Bird Exercise” class which has grown immensely popular. She is a retired educator who finds pride and joy in leading her peers in this beneficial class.

The sensational sleuths at Round Rock spent a scary day solving a gruesome murder and thwarting the villain's dastardly plan of locking them away to escape. Luckily, these seniors pieced together the mystery, determined "who dunnit", and unlocked the cipher that revealed the keys to ...their victory.

Congratulations to the teams who expertly won our community's very own Murder Mystery Escape Room!

“You are NEVER too old to be on a Harley, Mama!”

Nothing captivates Barb’s attention like the roar of a Harley!
Barb has always dreamed of experiencing the exhilarating freedom of being on the open road on a hog. Barb and her husband, Tony, have shared this same dream. She never... imagined that at 79 years young, she would get the thrill of a lifetime!

Thank you, @WishofaLifetime, for making this happen! We also want to thank our new friends from the Kirkwood hog chapter who helped make this possible.

#AgeFearlessly #livecolorfully #ThisIsSeniorLiving #AgeIsAnAttitude

These sensational sleuths spent a scary day solving a gruesome murder and thwarting the villain's dastardly plan of locking them away to escape. Luckily, these seniors pieced together the mystery, determined "who dunnit", and unlocked the cipher that revealed the keys to their ...victory.

Congratulations to the teams who expertly won our community's very own Murder Mystery Escape Room!

Hear From Residents and Family of The Enclave at Round Rock Senior Living!

Anne MulvihillAnne Mulvihill
13:28 04 Sep 22
A nice facility: clean and bright, with good food, activities, and friendly residents. The “living” part of “assisted living” is fine - but the assistance is NOT high quality.Most staffers didn't understand the assignment: calls for help annoyed them. But my relative was there because she needed help!You will have to hire and manage your own caregivers - and pay for them, on top of the facility fees.
Terese WaltonTerese Walton
12:16 25 Aug 22
My mom lived there, so I speak from experience. The building is beautiful, the residents are welcoming and the food program is very good. If you need ANY kind of care, then keep on going. You do not want to be left in your clothes overnight in your chair, scratched with fingernails that look like daggers, or left to clean up your own diarrhea. Well, If you want that kind of treatment, then maybe its the place for you.
beverly mitchellbeverly mitchell
18:35 20 Jul 22
My parents have been residents here for close to 2 years now. They moved in during the pandemic. There have been several protocols, and safety measures that have been in place and I think that is great and gives me peace of mind. I love that my parents don't have to worry about their meals and their apartment layout is really nice. There are activities for them to do and the staff & friends look for you if they haven't seen you in a while.*My one complaint is this: my parents have a system for if/when they leave the facility. Part of the protocol is that residents must sign out and back in. For my parents where one is on a walker, and the other with heart problems, it can be exhausting to have to walk down to the front desk to sign out, walk to their car, run their errands, have to sign back in, walk or drive back to their apartment, if there's groceries, all the carrying and lifting that goes with it. There was a director that used to allow for calling down to the front desk to check out. But that has since been eliminated for whatever reason. I'm just asking for the director to consider your residents who it may take a lot of energy to do regular daily activities, why require them to do strenuous & mandatory procedures that are inconvenient to them? Shouldn't the goal be to make the stay comfortable and enjoyable to them? When issues are brought up in town hall meetings, the response is "that's just how it is" or "we can't change it". Listen to your residents and make an effort to meet their needs, not your own.
The accommodations, atmosphere, food is great although breakfast is my main meal. My great-grandson loves it also.
Kathleen KayteeayKathleen Kayteeay
00:20 06 Apr 22
My husband and I visited the Enclave in Round Rock and spoke with Amanda Rodriguez, the Sales Representative . She was very helpful and informative. She answered all my questions and added information I had not thought to ask. Love the Waiting List they have set up.The facility and grounds are open, airy, bright and cheery. The apartments are lovely, spacious and efficiently laid out. The Bistro and Restaurant are beautiful. The food and all menu choices sound delish. The classes sound interesting and fun as well. Everyone is active.The price is quiet reasonable with all that is included. The Enclave is set up for a smooth transition to Assisted Living should that need arise. This is a lovely place to start the next phase of life.
Dyneshea GreerDyneshea Greer
19:42 11 Jun 21
I am a professional and I have not physically visited this community. But I had the best interaction with Camille, The Sales Representative. She truly shows how interested she is in providing the best care for seniors. She has a heart of gold. Hang on to this one Enclave!
Roger HawkinsRoger Hawkins
17:53 06 Oct 20
My elderly mother recently moved into The Enclave at Round Rock and really likes both the facility and the people. Great communication from them before, during, and after the move which was important to me as I live out of state. Cheerful, helpful people give me peace of mind that my mother is well taken care of!
Grant HansonGrant Hanson
16:02 07 Jul 20
The Enclave has been so wonderful to my mother and my family. My daughter loves going up there to spend time with her grandmother and the staff is always so friendly and personable to us. It’s become like a family. I think everyone I’ve met that lives there as well has had nothing but great things to say about it, my mom included. So glad we chose them!! The competition doesn’t even come close.
Vickie HansonVickie Hanson
16:02 07 Jul 20
I’m so glad I chose this place! They have been so wonderful to me and my family!
02:39 15 Oct 19
Very nice place! Reminds us of a classy hotel. My mother-in-law found her step again with all the activities and socializing. She's always doing something now and when we stop by she's out and about! The staff is wonderful and very friendly! It has been a very positive experience. I'm very happy that she's happy! Thank you!
Dean NewmanDean Newman
21:53 07 Jun 19
We've now been residents at Enclave for a month & we're thrilled with our decision. The staff members are all friendly & helpful from the Director to the maintenance & dining room servers. We have an amazing chef offering 3 delicious meals every day. The entertainment & excursions have been delightful. Overall it's like a full time vacation. I highly recommend the Enclave at Round Rock.