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Nervous you won’t make friends? Unlikely! Afraid you’ll have to give up your hobbies? Not a chance. Get a glimpse into our community programming and what life is like living here by checking out our Facebook page. We frequently share what residents have been doing to stay active, involved, and living life to the fullest.

Hector's a big ball of sunshine ☀️ His big, bright smile and lively attitude gives us all something to grin about!

Theo and Rhonda know what it means to live colorfully - they’ve traveled from Portugal to Paris, and from Sydney to Syracuse.

Settling down into one of our communities meant a little change of pace, but they’re still finding adventure together every day 🌈

O-H-I-O!📣 Residents at Hilliard are kicking off their #BeatMichigan week with the one and only @thebrutusbuckeye!

GO @OhioStateFB🏈!

Who can touch their toes? 🙋 Winnie led a group of seniors to help get them out and about and flex their muscles. 💪 Now they’re all showing off!

Frank says, “I can’t believe I’m feeling more nimble now than I did 20 years ago - but I didn’t have motivation like Winnie ...before!”

A colorful life is all about being flexible.

“Well if I’m going to do my exercises every day anyway, why not include my friends too”- Peggy

Peggy leads a weekly “Early Bird Exercise” class which has grown immensely popular. She is a retired educator who finds pride and joy in leading her peers in this beneficial class.

The sensational sleuths at Round Rock spent a scary day solving a gruesome murder and thwarting the villain's dastardly plan of locking them away to escape. Luckily, these seniors pieced together the mystery, determined "who dunnit", and unlocked the cipher that revealed the keys to ...their victory.

Congratulations to the teams who expertly won our community's very own Murder Mystery Escape Room!

“You are NEVER too old to be on a Harley, Mama!”

Nothing captivates Barb’s attention like the roar of a Harley!
Barb has always dreamed of experiencing the exhilarating freedom of being on the open road on a hog. Barb and her husband, Tony, have shared this same dream. She never... imagined that at 79 years young, she would get the thrill of a lifetime!

Thank you, @WishofaLifetime, for making this happen! We also want to thank our new friends from the Kirkwood hog chapter who helped make this possible.

#AgeFearlessly #livecolorfully #ThisIsSeniorLiving #AgeIsAnAttitude

To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, we honor you today and every day 🇺🇸 #veteransday

Hear From Residents and Family of Rigden Farm Senior Living!

aaron capricornaaron capricorn
16:47 02 Jul 22
Breach of civil liberties and nuremburg code. I am considering contacting multiple lawyers and agencies over your employee wanted post
Coleman OlkenColeman Olken
18:01 07 Feb 22
They have always been courteous and have help me in every way including emergencies and everything else that I have needed! Great staff!! It has been very pleasant to live here and I love it 💕
clint wallerclint waller
23:29 02 Nov 21
Toured the facility. It was very nice.
Linda CainLinda Cain
03:06 19 Mar 21
My only concern is that the rent is only locked in for one year.
Forrest WaltersForrest Walters
20:04 15 Nov 19
I was very happy with all people I talked to and all interactions with Rigden Farms. They went out of their way to work with my husband and me.The interior of our patio home is very well done. The plan is well thought out. And condition was really good.My only disappointment was the exterior. The entry for guests is troublesome with other seniors needing to walk through grass and rock pebbles to enter our front door.And most landscapes have a little more uplifting landscape amenities for residents.But overall we are looking forward to moving in.Thank you to Kirstyn for all of her help and understanding.
Richard DunningRichard Dunning
16:57 29 Mar 19
My individual tour was so impressive that I took my Dad on the tour the next day. I will be taking my wife and Dad on the tour Sunday after church. The facility is nice, newer, larger, and more friendly than where my father currently resides. Equally impressive is that Rigden Farms Senior Living is significantly less expensive than what we have been paying! Kirsten, Head chef Rick, medical director Dustin, and entire staff were fantastic!Great Respects,R.D.
Mary BledsoeMary Bledsoe
17:46 03 May 18
My father recently moved into Rigden Farm after living in his Fort Collins home for 37 years; quite a transition for him to say the least! As his daughter, I had a plethora of questions, all of which were graciously answered by Kirstyn thereby easing my concerns. She expertly guided him to select his perfect new apartment.After two months I am delighted to report that my father is thriving in such a caring community. The entire staff at Ridgen knew his name by the second day. The very friendly and efficient dining staff learned his food preferences very quickly. (double scoops of ice cream please!) They visit with him during meals as though he was their grandfather. The dining room manager, Carolyn, models attentiveness and compassion and has expertly trained her staff to do the same.The front desk team, Dorothy, Sue, Samantha and Mia always take the time to ask about his day, encourage him to attend the multitude of activities and joke with him in a loving manner.Not only is the maintenance staff skilled and quick to respond, they are also friendly. Rick took the time to share flying stories with my father. I wonder if "fish tales" are next!The entire team at Rigden genuinely creates a caring community for their residents. I am very grateful that my father chose Rigden and I look forward to an enduring relationship with such authentic people.
Kate SpruiellKate Spruiell
11:11 11 Aug 16
Rigden Farm is a very special place to retire! The building is beautiful, but you can build a beautiful building anywhere. What makes Rigden special is the people who live and work there. Before you even walk through the doors, when it's warm out of course, you see the residents there enjoying the patio-seating and truly LIVING. Then when you walk in, you continue to see how truly at-home the people here are. The staff who work there have a passion for seniors and it is evident. I would encourage anyone to take a tour and feel the difference. We provide home health services within the community and truly enjoy our time there!
Marsha MulroneyMarsha Mulroney
18:10 27 Apr 15
My Mom chose Rigden Farms, after visiting several Fort Collins independent living homes and one in Northern California, near my sister. She liked Rigden Farms because the people she saw were more interactive than the other homes; she liked the fact that each apartment has a patio or balcony; she liked the amount of activities available and the size and price of the apartments.My husband and I were pleased with the ambiance and light in each part of the home. My Mom is a volunteer and she visited with a resident who does the same. We are all thrilled with her choice of Rigden Farms. She is 94 and has the ability to take 6 buses to places in San Diego to get to her volunteer obligations. We all feel that Rigden Farms will give her a chance to be independent with no cooking!