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We can’t wait for you to call Park Meadows Senior Living in Overland Park, Kansas, home. This Kansas City suburb offers Midwestern charm alongside big city venues, cultural centers, and museums set against a backdrop almost as pastoral as a John Steuart Curry painting. With nearly 45 golf courses in the metropolitan area — and 17 on the Kansas side of the border — it’s a perfect place to take up the sport. Head east to Arrowhead Stadium to cheer on the Chiefs. If your idea of outdoor time doesn’t include a ball, how about walking on the nearby Indian Creek Trail?

Go anywhere. Do anything. But start here. Park Meadows Senior Living boasts so many wonderful amenities including an outdoor courtyard where you can spend an afternoon with a good book, a beauty salon so you can BE You, and a state-of-the-art fitness center to BE Healthy.

Still not sure if Park Meadows Senior Living is the right home for you? The Sky Lounge offers the perfect spot to meet new friends for happy hour, take a cooking class in the demonstration kitchen, watch an “oldie, but goodie” in the theater, and pull up a comfy chair in one of the lounges to chat with neighbors. And by all means, invite your family over to share in the fun.

Furry friends are important to us, too. Bring Fido and move right in. We offer a variety of apartment and patio home floor plans with pricing that ensures you know exactly what your monthly rent will be. No buy-in fees, no hidden charges. You’re going to love Park Meadows Senior Living.


Our living options allow you the freedom to choose.

Independent Living

Seniors 55 and older living life on their terms. Comfortable, modern living, with all the amenities and maintenance taken care of.

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Assisted Living

Licensed Assisted Living offering residents the freedom to enjoy new experiences, with just the right amount of help.

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Memory Care

Abilities and interests of the individual are encouraged, fostering increased engagement and participation in residents with dementia.

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BE Healthy
Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.
BE Involved
Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.
BE Inspired
What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.
BE You!
“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

Health and wellness are cornerstones of a happy life. Our signature fitness programs are designed with you in mind. Enjoy a vibrant lifestyle and keep yourself fit — in body and soul.

Don’t let your wealth of knowledge and talents go untapped. At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll share your skills and expertise, help others, and shape the future within your community and beyond.

What inspires you? Family and friends? Literature? Travel? It’s different for everyone — sometimes it’s different each day! Spectrum Retirement’s host of unique activities encourage you to think creatively and keep your mind active.

“BE You” has a unique definition for every person. What appeals to you today might be different tomorrow. Life at Spectrum Retirement means you can be and do whatever you choose, whenever you choose — even on a whim!

The keys to your best life are simple: BE Healthy, BE Involved, BE Inspired, and BE You. Spectrum Retirement provides enrichment programs, activities, and amenities to promote your happiness, independence, and total wellness.

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BE Healthy
BE Involved
BE Inspired
BE You!

What People Are Saying About Us

My sister-in-law in was in senior living and has been in assisted living for the past 6+ years. Her caregivers in assisted living are reliable and I appreciate how they take good care of her. I do wish the caregivers were paid a higher wage. But that is for another time. We are pleased with the facility for our loved one.
Christina King
Christina K.
22:53 27 Jul 19
My mom has been a resident here (Independent Living) for over 2 years. She LOVES it and as a nurse, i truly find it a wonderful facility. The staff is friendly and they have always worked closely to insure my mom is safe and taken care of. My mom has made many good friends at Park Meadows and enjoys the dining and activities. She loves being able to have her car there to run errands. The grocery delivery service is great. There is a shuttle for weekly mass at Cure of Ars Catholic Church and there is mass on site quite often. The Housekeeper on her wing is so sweet and kind to my mom. (Thank you Hilly!) Overall a Top Notch Operation.
Sarah C.
Sarah C.
15:15 12 Mar 18
The current employees at Park Meadows go above and beyond taking care of their residents! They have great professionalism and are very easy to work with. So happy I get to interact with the resident and staff here on a weekly basis.
Emily L
Emily L
21:20 11 Jan 18
My grandmother spent 2 years at Park Meadows prior to her passing. She was very happy there. It is a very beautiful, well kept atmosphere. The housekeeping staff always kept her apartment clean and were very kind to her. She always had very good things to say about everyone that worked there. Before she got sick, she loved all of the activities that Park Meadows offered. I would recommend Park Meadows to anyone.
Sara Connors
Sara C.
18:44 08 Jan 18
Great facilities.
Nick P.
Nick P.
12:54 19 Dec 17
Dorothy Griffin
Dorothy G.
23:16 08 Sep 17
As a professional who has been on the many sides of health care - from treating therapist to admissions and marketing, I've always been impressed with Park Meadows! Their staff is knowledge and friendly, and their willingness to achieve patient centered care sets the bar high. Recently, while treating a patient at Park Meadows, I was involved in their dining experience - their resident was on an altered diet and the food was pleasing to the eye, smelled wonderful, and the patient raved about the flavor. The staff was knowledgeable about diet restrictions and prepared the food and drinks to the perfect consistency (which can be a challenge). Kudos Park Meadows!
Jenn Saathoff
Jenn S.
01:47 30 Aug 17
Because that's where my grandma lives.
Cole James
Cole J.
14:38 15 Aug 17
As someone from the healthcare industry, I have had the pleasure of working with the staff and touring this community. When the community I work with is fully occupied or when I cannot meet someone's needs for Memory Care, Park Meadows is one of the top places I send families.
Susie Hassler
Susie H.
15:56 12 Jul 17
My mother has lived at Park Meadows for about a year and a half. The staff is one of the friendliest. Park Meadows is always clean and it doesn't have any unpleasant odors lingering. It's bright and cheery and my mom has enjoyed living there. If you are thinking about living here, it's a very good choice. You won't be disappointed.
nancy johnson
nancy J.
00:55 29 Jun 17
We worked with Jenna and Hannah and they were both very knowledgeable and caring. They made us feel at home! I would recommend Park Meadows to anyone who needs a family and caring environment. I can't say enough good things about Hannah!
Sherry Schneider
Sherry S.
13:57 22 Feb 17
I cannot say enough about the entire staff. Everyone was welcoming and so caring about the residents. Special attention was made to make each resident feel respected and appreciated. I only wish my loved one could have spent more time at this wonderful facility.
Heather Johnson
Heather J.
15:51 19 Dec 16
Phenomenal! Jenna Baker was such an energetic and enthusiastic!
Daneale White
Daneale W.
17:28 08 Jun 16
My grandmother resided here...phenomenal! The place is beautiful, there are daily activities, the food is delicious and the staff are extremely helpful and friendly!
Taryn Kelly
Taryn K.
17:27 08 Jun 16
I was so impressed by the community while looking for a place for Mom. The staff were friendly and helpful answering all my questions, we hope to make the move very soon!
Joyce Cardarelli
Joyce C.
15:43 28 Apr 16
Lori is an amazing employee and genuinely cares about the people living at Park Meadows! She puts a ton of time and effort into her job!
05:59 22 Apr 16
I go to Park Meadows often for my work. I take clothes and accessories that the residents can buy since it's easier for me to come to them versus them to me. I get to work with the staff as well as the residents. Everyone is so pleasant and it seems like a big family. I go to several other senior living facilities and Park Meadows stands out the most. I feel you can always tell something about a place when the surroundings are always so fun and positive. I've never talked to a staff member that didn't seem to love what they do or to a resident who didn't enjoy their environment. Park Meadows goes out of their way to exceed expectations to all who enter. I always look forward to going back there.
Angela Jones
Angela J.
02:32 22 Apr 16
I had friends who lived at Park Meadows and I can honestly say the staff and community truly care about the residents!
Rene Thomas
Rene T.
12:36 20 Apr 16
I'm a healthcare professional and I am in the community often. The staff is friendly and caring and the place is always well kept and decorated lovely. They always have activities and unique events to get the residents involved. I would highly recommend Park Meadows for a loved one.
Victoria Carpenter
Victoria C.
00:41 20 Apr 16
I have been volunteering weekly at Park Meadows since it opened -- about 7 years. I have been impressed with all the activities they offer for the residents that keep them active -- physically, mentally and spiritually. Park Meadows is a place i always recommend when a friend or acquaintance is considering a Senior Living Community. I would be proud to call it home one day.
Robert Day
Robert D.
22:50 19 Apr 16
I take my Sociology classes over to Park Meadows once a semester and they love the warm, friendly atmosphere and the interaction with the residents. My students always tell me they feel like they're in a 5 Star Hotel rather than a Senior Living Facility. Our trip over there is the highlight of our semester!Jackie TurnerShawnee Mission South High School
Jackie Turner
Jackie T.
19:34 19 Apr 16
Always able to witness the act of kindness and going above and beyond with staff. Friendly and nurturing environment. Lots of FUN activities to be a part of. I love coming into a place and being greeted with smiling faces.
Christina Bertrand
Christina B.
13:56 19 Apr 16
I have walked through Park Meadows in Overland Park a handful of times. The staff always greets you with a smile and is very helpful. The community is very well kept and an enjoyable place to spend time. I really enjoy spending time with the residents and chatting when I am there, such a great place!
Nicholas Hannan
Nicholas H.
16:30 18 Apr 16
Beautiful community, with beautiful caring staff. Cannot love this place enough!
lynette leGrand
lynette L.
14:59 18 Apr 16
mike powell
mike P.
21:20 17 Apr 16
As a Healthcare professional who is at the community often I can say everytime I am there the staff are kind and respectful, the community is clean and the residents look well dressed and well cared for!! I highly recommend Park Meadows for anyone looking for a loved one.
Jenna Erickson
Jenna E.
20:27 16 Apr 16
This place is amazing and the staff is fabulous! Highly recommend this place!
Dani D.
Dani D.
17:48 14 Apr 16
My family received very thorough and sincere help from all staff at Park Meadows. The community was beautiful and the people were really kind. We appreciated the assistance we received in this process!
Chelsea Frye
Chelsea F.
01:17 14 Apr 16
The staff at Park Meadows are so helpful and kind. The facility is clean and the residents seem happy and engaged with the staff. A wonderful place!
Gayle van leeuwen
Gayle van L.
22:21 13 Apr 16
Paul Marvin
Paul M.
19:06 07 Sep 17
Jeremy Mercado
Jeremy M.
00:13 09 Nov 16
Nice facility, but no park or meadow here! People need trees and plants and to walk through! Not asphalt and grass plots to stare at.
Ruben Ernesto Noguera
Ruben Ernesto N.
18:07 15 Sep 19
My mother in law was at the memory care unit. She got scabies and they denied it. We transferred her to Brookside but she had given up the will to live. Park Meadows cared more about their reputation than to help her. We reported them to KS Dept of aging but it was too late. It was around $9,000 for one year!!!! She was head to toe with scabies. It was awful.Don’t put someone you love in this place!!!! Better in the old folks home down the street from your home!!!!!!
Kimberly Sawalich
Kimberly S.
06:07 23 Sep 19
Kim Sawalich
Kim S.
05:54 23 Sep 19
Management turnover here is constant. So frequent they quit posting who management is on their website. I have no idea who the director is now. Park Meadows barely acknowledges holidays and I have never seen a management member in the facility on these days. UPDATE: My mother had a stroke and lost the use of the left side of her body. Despite something so catastrophic, they said it likely happened days ago, but could not tell me when. They said there was no point in getting medical attention due to time lapse. Since that time my mother has had another unexplained injury to her leg, and a relative discovered her in the main room, covered in food. Both of these types of incidents have occurred before. They have now told me they are no longer want my mother in the facility and yet still want me to pay for another month even though they told her to leave. Devin Allred is the current director. Carly Burk is the director of wellness.
13:29 02 Jul 19
Waited for 3 weeks too get a job after going thru background check and blood test..during interview told them I turned job done thru another spectrum community and 2 days before my start date they call and say they can't hire me.... TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICE
Jim Lange
Jim L.
19:02 07 Jun 19
this company is very poor in getting back with you about a job, my 17 year old son wasted his time by taking a T-tap test thinking he was gonna get hired, and they never called him back..WASTE OF F**** time, he was really looking forward to working and they said they were gonna call him back and never did.. WASTE OF MY GAS AND MONEY..taking him there and back to the clinic and to the job. He did everything that they told him to and they never called him...made him think he got the job. He was very upset about it. so unprofessional their HR department is...
Shelby keith
Shelby K.
11:54 07 Aug 18
Communication with caregivers is very difficult here. Services that should be included in assisted living charges are extra. Rates are very high for the minimal room amenities. (Cheap cabinetry and flooring)
Terry Waits
Terry W.
23:21 23 Apr 18
00:18 14 Feb 18
I DO NOT recommend the memory care unit. Communication is poor or rare. There is not enough staff, and they can't keep a director in place. Management came and went so often that I couldn't keep track of who was in charge. There is no full-time medical care on site. I'm still working to get a refund due to us after being gone for 3 months. If you can't or don't plan to visit your family member on a regular basis to check on things, I would avoid Park Meadows.
Eileen Akers
Eileen A.
23:08 10 Jan 18
My mom was dying here. The staff was negligent. Hospice had come out after she couldn’t walk due to a left leg issue. That same day they came she had fallen for the first time because of a drug I BEGGED them not to increase. I knew her history so well. But I surrendered since the nurse was sure it would be fine. Mom hallucinated and tried to get out of bed with the already bad leg and fell. I was told to call hospice. They came out the day she fell. She didn’t qualify that day BUT they told me carefully what to watch for. No eating. No drinking. Bowel changes. Etc. Well within a week mom wasn’t eating or drinking (but 5 oz in 3 days) was bowel incontinent and was unable to respond consistently. They tried to say she was unchanged. Said “SHES STILL WARM!” I am sorry but being warm is not a prerequisite for qualifying to be on hospice. So I called kc hospice again the next day. Begged them to come out. Yes—she was dying. She died in 3 days of being transferred to kc Hospice house. This place is UNDERSTAFFED and has massive turnover. Some very nice aides. In fact—all but one were very kind. The lack of consistent staff is a red flag. I do not recommend park meadows. Also. My moms church all use to consider this the place to go. Not anymore. So sad.
barbara toman
barbara T.
21:40 29 Dec 17
wouldn't go here at all
brittany scharer
brittany S.
00:48 12 Oct 17
The facility may look beautiful, but beauty is a thin layer. Look under that and you will find all sorts of problems. How many directors have been in and out of the facility? The turnover of staff indicates poor management. Inconsistency in staffing results in substandard care, which is exactly what I experienced. Buyer beware.
Bob Roscoe
Bob R.
02:17 08 Apr 17
DO NOT PUT YOUR FAMILY MEMBER IN THEIR MEMORY CARE UNIT!!! My father received horrible care there, and I have the video to prove it.
Laurie Gatson
Laurie G.
22:40 20 Mar 17
I toured this facility with my dad while looking for a place for him to live which would accept his two dogs. The staff we met were friendly and the big exercise room was great. We didn't have a meal, but the day we visited was St Patrick's day and they were having a party to celebrate. It looked like a great place to live, but my dad chose a community that was more dog friendly.
Gail Bowdish
Gail B.
18:36 15 May 16