Where Your Loved One Lives Can Change How They Live

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Your loved one should BE You in everything they do for a full, vibrant lifestyle.


No matter the age or stage, your loved one has so much life to live, and we create the space in which they can live their way on their terms. They can enjoy a vibrant lifestyle. What if your loved one did exactly what they wanted — even on a whim? What would life look like if they could say “yes” to more of the things they’ve always said “someday” to?

Life after retirement is supposed to be carefree, fun, and all about the freedom to do what you want. So, now is the time for your loved one to embrace it. To imagine more possibilities. When those possibilities become realities, life is better. Life at Spectrum Retirement is full and vibrant. It’s full of activities, events, excursions to local cultural attractions, and all the richness you want your loved one to experience. Our activities programming, staff training, and levels of care cater to your loved one’s needs while offering you peace of mind.

Your loved one’s ideal lifestyle will vary depending on their level of independence. It may include travel, dancing, fitness, adventure, and more. These dreams can be realized in so many ways. For some, it’s a matter of packing up and going. Others might satisfy their longing for hot air ballooning in Switzerland or wandering the galleries of The Louvre through educational programs. Some might head out on a guided excursion to a local botanical garden, while others might exercise their green thumb at home. The choice for how to experience more belongs to your loved one.


Is Your Loved One Ready for a Lifestyle Without Limitations?


If you worry about your loved one with dementia, you’ll love that life at Spectrum Retirement will be a fresh, fulfilling experience for them. We use Montessori-based care which promotes a true community for residents with dementia and their families. A variety of sensory activities — such as arts and music — can help your loved one engage, tap into feelings, and spark memories. These residents still have so much life to live, and we help them enjoy it to its fullest. We encourage your loved one every step of the way as they develop their abilities and explore their passions because we believe that where you live can change how you live.

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Your loved one might have a bucket list — maybe it looks a bit different than an Instagram-worthy list, and that’s OK. Maybe it includes things like learning a new language; eating a traditional Scottish meal of haggis, tatties and neeps; getting back in touch with their faith; attending a Kentucky Derby party — bowties and fancy hats included. Your loved one can learn to play chess, take up Tai Chi, start an Instagram account or record their memories and a family tree down on paper to pass along to the grandkids. Spectrum Retirement offers the freedom to do all those things.

Speaking of grandkids — and family, in general — spending time with them might be your loved one’s top priority. A new lifestyle in a Senior Living community makes it easy for family to visit, engage, and make new memories. There are so many ways to include the whole gang from lunch dates to movie nights. Learn more about the Spectrum Retirement amenities available to your loved one at a community near them.

Retirement is not meant to be spent living other people’s lives through television. It’s meant for making memories and living your adventures. But we digress. We get it if your loved one just can’t miss Jeopardy. And it’s truly our mission to ensure that they are able to “BE You,” no matter what that means. If TV is a passion, we encourage residents to watch in a community room surrounded by friends to foster engagement and a rich, full lifestyle.

Whatever lights up your loved one is what they need to spend time doing. It’s time for your loved one to take care of themselves — with a little help from the dedicated team members at Spectrum Retirement. It’s time for them to do what they love. And if what they love changes, they can do something different tomorrow! We encourage every resident to “BE You,” and your loved one will have the opportunity to do just that.