The Senior Lifestyle You Choose Makes a Difference

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BE You in everything you do for a vibrant, outgoing retirement.


What if you did exactly what you wanted — even on a whim? What would life look like for you if said “yes” to more of the things you’ve always said “someday” to?

When you’re approaching or in retirement, life is supposed to be carefree, fun, and all about the freedom to do what you want to do. So, now is the time to embrace it. To imagine more possibilities.

Maybe your bucket list takes you around the world. Spectrum Retirement makes it easy to dream big and live big. You’ve always dreamed of hot air ballooning. How about doing it in Switzerland? You make health a priority and are always looking for your next fitness challenge? We’ve heard the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon is pretty amazing. Always wanted to explore Paris? Visit each of the 20 arrondissements and soak it all in — The Louvre, Sainte-Chapelle, the Picasso Museum, the Jardin du Luxembourg and so much more! Imagine yourself holding your sweetheart’s hand as you snorkel around a teal blue ocean cove marveling at the vibrant lifeforms below. Or exploring the ancient walls of Machu Picchu. Craning your neck in the Sistine Chapel.

“I can’t just go running off around the world,” you say. We say, “Why the heck not?

Ready for a Lifestyle Without Limitations?

Spectrum Retirement offers exactly that type of lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about finding someone to look after your home while you’re gone. No more lawn to care for or home maintenance to deal with. Pack your bags, close your apartment door behind you, and — you’re off! Say so long to your friends, of course, and stop by to see the concierge so we can help you get to the airport. It’s that easy to do all you want and just BE You!

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If you’ve done all the traveling you care to, or it’s not who you are, your bucket list probably looks a bit different. Maybe it includes things like learning a new language; eating a traditional Scottish meal of haggis, tatties and neeps; getting back in touch with your faith; attending a Kentucky Derby party — bowties and fancy hats included. Learn to play chess, take up Tai Chi, start an Instagram account or get all your memories and a family tree down on paper to pass along to your grandkids. Spectrum Retirement can help you do all those things.

Speaking of grandkids — and family, in general — spending time with them might be your top priority. A new lifestyle in a Senior Living community makes it easy for you to put family first. You’ll have lots of room for entertaining, and there are so many ways to include the whole gang from lunch dates to movie nights. Learn more about the Spectrum Retirement amenities you’ll enjoy at a community near you.

Retirement is not meant to be spent living other people’s lives through television. It’s meant for making your own memories and living your own adventures. But we digress. We get it if you just can’t miss Jeopardy. And it’s truly our mission to ensure that you BE You, no matter what that means. So, how about watching in a community room surrounded by your friends? We’ll bring snacks! You might even make a friendly wager to see who can get the most correct!

Whatever lights you up, is what you need to spend your time doing. It’s not been that many years since we started to embrace a culture of self-care. The term has often been associated with radical political movements including suffrage, civil rights and women’s and LGBTQ movements of the 1960s and ’70s. Today, it’s a medical term and a media buzzword. We consider it an important element of everyday life; it’s the seed from which your ability to thrive grows. And we love planting the seeds of self-care!

It’s time to take care of you. Check things off your bucket list. Do what you love today. And if what you love changes, then do something different tomorrow! Don’t be afraid of the whims — it’s there you’ll find the delights that make life worth living. And they help define just what it means to BE You!


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