Sell Retirement Lifestyle to Your Skeptical Spouse

in Senior Lifestyle

Things can get tricky when one of you wants to simplify and the other wants to stay put.


You’re ready for someone to take over the cooking, cleaning and yard work. But your spouse is fine with the status quo. How do you get your partner to come around to your way of thinking?

For some, Senior Living means the start of a new life chapter — a chapter with more time for hobbies, exercise, activities, learning, socializing and just plain fun. Others hold to the misconception that Senior Living means giving up freedom.

With honest communication and some gentle persuasion, you can help open your spouse’s mind to the advantages of a new lifestyle.


Start the Conversation.

Why doesn’t your spouse want to move? Is he attached to the house or his habits? Is she afraid of change? Or is he unaware of what Independent Living really looks like?

Acknowledge your spouse’s concerns. Reminisce over the happy memories shared in your family home and empathize with his anxiety. Then, steer the conversation toward solutions. Tour a few Senior Living communities so your skeptical spouse can experience the environment first-hand. Get packing and moving estimates to show your partner how affordable it is to relocate, easing the stress of the move.


Call for Backup.

Do you have friends or family members who have made a similar move? Ask them to share their story with you and your spouse. Hearing from a trusted source about how they made the move, how they love their new home and how they’re enjoying their days will help reinforce your “sales pitch.”


Focus on The Benefits.

Salespeople focus on benefits before features. Here are a few ways to emphasize the benefits of a Senior Living community.


“You’ll have more time to ____ (Fill in the blank with whatever hobby your spouse enjoys).”

Spectrum takes care of maintenance, leaving you more time for the things you love. No more housekeeping, lawn-mowing and weed-pulling. Spend your free time pursuing learning, traveling, training for a charity bike ride or catching up on reading.


“You won’t have to cook anymore.”

Spectrum communities provide three chef-prepared meals daily. And you don’t even have to conform to specific dinner hours. Spectrum’s dining program means you can dine when you feel like it. For those times when you want to cook for yourself, Independent Living apartments come with full kitchens.


“We can travel without worrying about the house.”

When you choose Spectrum to be your home base, you have the freedom to pack up and go on a whim. No more worrying about whether your home will be safe or searching for a house-sitter. Enjoy the lock-and-leave lifestyle.


“You’ll never get bored.”

Has your spouse always wanted to learn to paint, improve their chess game or join a book club? Now’s the time! At a Senior Living community, you have a full calendar of activities to choose from daily. When you’re not out doing your own thing, you’ll have plenty of alternatives. And if there’s a hobby your partner enjoys but no group to join, they have the freedom to start one.


“You’ll have a new social life.”

Are your friends moving away, leaving you and your partner without a Saturday night double date? When you move to Senior Living, you join a welcoming community of friends and neighbors.

Participate in group activities such as game nights, group travel outings, volunteer programs and exercise classes. You and your spouse are bound to meet energetic, like-minded people. Soon, you’ll know more than enough foodies ready to join you at that new Italian restaurant across town.

Open communication and gentle persuasion go a long way toward easing your spouse’s doubt. Begin the conversation about the retirement lifestyle you’ve always wanted.


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