Practice Health and Wellness to Thrive In Retirement

in Health & Wellness

BE Healthy in all areas of life to maximize joy and thrive in your senior years.


Be the best version of yourself — body, mind, and spirit — to enjoy the best version of your life. Fitness, a healthy diet, mental clarity and a deep spiritual connection build the foundation, while your Spectrum community provides the creature comforts for a life well-lived.

Movement is an integral part of maintaining your strength and agility to participate in the activities you love:  playing with your grandchildren, traveling with a loved one, experiencing new and exciting things, and enjoying every minute. You know the old saying, “Move it or lose it!”

Imagine starting your days by meeting your walking group for exercise and camaraderie. Or a quiet Tai Chi practice where you can stretch your body and your mind. Maybe you thrive in a fun, lively fitness class full of friends and a vivacious instructor! The choice is yours, and the best part is that you can choose a different activity every day if you want.

Of course, to keep your battery charged for your daily activities, you need high-quality, delicious foods packed with nutrients. The dining program at Spectrum Retirement is best in class. Chef-prepared meals are available at your convenience and we cater to a variety of physician-prescribed dietary requirements.

There’s a variety of options from a full, sit-down meal in the dining room to lighter fare and snacks in the Bistro. And you’re always welcome to invite family and friends over to join you for dinner. Our kitchen is your kitchen! For the times you feel like cooking at home, you might choose to make a recipe you picked up in one of the community cooking demonstrations. The possibilities for your dining pleasure are unlimited!

Speaking of pleasure, exercising your mind is a wonderful way to connect with your inner self, feel grounded and centered, and keep your cognition kickin’! Science tells us that like heart health, brain health is directly influenced by our environment and lifestyle. The report from the National Institute of Health says, in a nutshell, the sooner you begin flexing your mental muscles, the more effective cognitive activities will be later when you really need them.

Up-Level Your Healthy Lifestyle!

At Spectrum Retirement, you’ll enjoy a bevy of classes, games, study groups, and more to keep your brain busy and your heart happy. Read more about our inspiring activities!

One of the greatest things about living in a retirement community is just that — the community. Every time you step out of your door, you have instant access to friends. Meaningful and casual connections keep loneliness at bay as well as provide opportunities to learn through others. Always wanted to learn to knit? Nancy down the hall would love to teach you! Longing for a buddy who loves football as much as you do? Packer Paul is known to plan community game day parties — he’s your go-to tailgating guy. Just looking for some friends to visit with over a cup of coffee? The Spectrum lifestyle makes making new friends easy!

In addition to a deep connection with others, we know a meaningful spiritual practice is a key component of a healthy lifestyle. We also recognize that spirituality takes on many forms, so we provide a variety of ways to connect to your higher power. For some, that means daily prayer. For others it means meditation. Still, others find giving of themselves is the best way to pay homage. However you define spirituality, you’re free and encouraged to practice it, embrace it, share it, or keep it all to yourself — whatever feels right for your heart and soul. The choice is always yours.

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