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Make Your Move Easy

in Senior Lifestyle, Tips & Advice

Ten tips for a smooth transition to senior living.

When you move to a retirement community, you won’t need to bring everything you own. In fact, you’ll need just enough for your room. Downsizing may sound daunting at first, but it’s easy once you’re in the right mindset. Below are ten tips to help you shed unnecessary items in preparation for this next phase of life:

1. Start early.

If time is on your side, ease in. Begin by creating a list of things you own and then color-code them into categories, like “keep,” “sell” and “donate.”

2.Gather important documents.

Medical records, journals and legal documents can go in one box that’s easy to access.

3. Ask grown children to collect their keepsakes and memorabilia.

Now is the perfect time to pass along family heirlooms you’ve been storing for loved ones.

4. Discard unneeded items of no monetary value.

Anything broken, stained or badly worn can be placed in the trash.

5. Sell items of monetary value through a garage sale or online classified platform.

Sites like and other online community bulletin boards are great ways to make some extra cash and lighten your load.

6. Hire a move manager or senior relocation specialist.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or would rather not enlist a family member for help, bring in a professional to act as a guide.

7. Work room by room.

Bite-sized areas are much easier to digest.

8. OHIO rule: Only Handle It Once.

This theory will put the kibosh on a “maybe” pile and help you sort belongings into actionable sections.

9. Use the new space as a guide.

Measuring cabinets and closets in your new room will help guarantee all your items will fit.

10. Keep a box of essential items.

This will ensure you’ll have all medications, toiletries and important photos with you on your first night.

While you may not have as many personal belongings at the end of the process, the memories and experiences you’ve collected in your mind are what truly matter.