It’s NEVER Too Late To…

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Is there something you’ve always yearned to do but never tried? Or perhaps you’d like to tighten up a skillset and improve upon the basics. Either way, it’s never too late to …

Add zest to your life with new activities and skills.

Be a Better Listener

You’d think as we age, listening would come more naturally, but that’s not always the case. The more you listen to friends or loved ones, the deeper your connection will be. A few key tips include maintaining eye contact, don’t interject, wait until there is a pause; and summarize what your friend says to show you’re paying attention.

Learn a New Craft

The crafting world is filled with endless possibilities. You could scrapbook, learn calligraphy, photography and more. The Internet offers an infinite resource of how-to text and video guides. Start small. Do you already have the materials somewhere, or maybe a skilled friend that can show you the ropes? If you try it and don’t feel like it’s clicking after awhile, move on to a new craft.

Say You’re Sorry

Life is too short to hold regrets. If you notice a feeling continually popping up in your head or know you’re regretful for a past action, reach out and make amends. It’s never too late to try to make a tough situation right again, especially if it’s weighing you down emotionally. A handwritten letter or phone call might make all the difference in the world.

Host an Activity Group

Gathering a group of like-minded people allows you to enjoy a pleasurable activity and socialize, all at the same time. Maybe starting a book group is right for you, or perhaps you’re more a fan of movies. Toss out a couple dates and times and let majority rule when it comes to solidifying them.

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