Find Love At Any Age

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A senior’s guide to dating

It’s human nature to want love and companionship. And it’s possible to find love no matter your age; connecting with a special someone will add joy to your daily life. One of the perks of dating as a senior is that you’ll be able to draw on your years of wisdom — and you’ll have different expectations than before.

While you may feel hesitant to pursue dating — whether online or in your community — remember that there are myriad reasons dating may come with less angst at this life stage:

– You know what you want in a partner, and aren’t afraid to be transparent about your expectations.
– Your maturity level means that you won’t be playing games: life is too short.
– It’s just as exciting now, as it was with your first love, to meet someone new.

When meeting someone new, good conversation is key. Most people enjoy talking about themselves as much as others enjoy getting to know them, so a good conversation starter is to ask your companion to share his or her story. How many children or grandchildren does your date have? What type of work did they do? What sorts of hobbies do they enjoy? Do they follow any sports teams?

Once there’s a spark, new ways to strengthen a connection include a standing date each week. If you share hobbies, doing something you both enjoy is a great way to connect, too. If you both like to golf, for example, include lunch and make it a date. A painting class is a fun activity and an opportunity to learn something new. Great date venues include museums, movies, performances, or concerts. More active seniors may want to take a walk at a park (along with a picnic lunch), take dance lessons, or go to the pool.

Many seniors report that dating makes them feel like a teenager all over again. And while the rush of feelings can be thrilling, seniors who decide to date should be aware that there are some age-specific concerns. One of the concerns is intimacy, an important aspect of any romantic relationship. It’s important to talk openly about your expectations of being intimate — honest conversation can spare hurt feelings later. Also remember that age doesn’t prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases; seniors should always use protection.

Dating at any age can produce jitters, but there is a wealth of possibility in finding love and companionship. Having a special someone is one of life’s most rewarding experiences, no matter your age.