Debunking Senior Living Myths

in Senior Lifestyle

While cultural views toward elder care and senior living are shifting, there are quite a few myths still circulating. We take a look at what doesn’t add up.

Myth #1: Only Those Who are Sick or Dying Move into Assisted Living Communities.

This myth is probably the most common one, and not even remotely accurate! Assisted Living communities are not where residents go to pass away, rather it’s where they go to maintain the high quality of life they are accustomed to. Assisted Living communities are designed to help those who need some help with daily activities of living such as personal care. Many Assisted Living and Independent Living communities are full of independent residents who enjoy getting to know their new neighbors, arts and activities and dining on great food.

Myth #2: Moving into Senior Living Means a Loss of Independence.

While all care communities aren’t created equal when it comes to residents’ independence, there’s a good chance this statement will not be true in the slightest if your aging parent is already quite active. Communities strive to help maintain mental and physical stamina of their residents to help preserve independence for as long as possible. What moving into a Senior Living community does mean is freedom from home maintenance, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and more!

Myth #3: The Care is Only as Good as the Cost.

Although it’s important to look at the big picture, only choosing an assisted living community for your parent based on cost can you lead you down the wrong path. Good care, a compassionate staff and state-of-the-art equipment can all be bundled into a good value without skimping on any core values. Be sure to look at communities with no buy-in fees to save large up-front costs. Also, some communities, such as Spectrum Retirement Communities, are all-inclusive, meaning there are no extra charges. For instance, all meals are included in the price, where in some communities, residents are only provided one meal per day and they are responsible for their other meals.

Myth #4: Mom or Dad Will Have to Let Go of Their Pet.

Not necessarily. Some Senior Living communities welcome small domestic animals. It turns out, as a result, those who own animals —and even those who don’t — are benefiting from having furry friends around. Being in the presence of animals for only a few short minutes a day can yield exciting health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure and reduced anxiety.

Myth #5: There Won’t Be Anything for Them to Do But Sit Around and Watch TV.

Most communities are bustling with engaging activities that stretch the mind, reenergize creativity and work in some physical exercise to boot. Between excursions to sporting events, plays and shopping trips to the arts and crafts classes and live musical entertainers, there’s something to keep everyone happy. And there’s nothing quite like being surrounded by other residents of the same age with which to share stories and memories.