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Cross-Stitch Makes a Comeback

in Activities

If you are a grandma who loves cross-stitching, now is a great time to take a grandchild under your crafty wing and show them how it’s done.

That’s right.

Cross-stitch is cool, canning is crackin’, playing cards is prime-time, and knitting is … nifty. Thanks to the hipsters, many hobbies from the past are making a comeback.

What’s a hipster you ask? That’s what they call the group of 24- to 35-year-olds who are in love with all things vintage and enjoy activities that are outside the more popular, mainstream trends of their peers.

It may be a craving for nostalgia or the desire to create something authentic that wasn’t mass-produced. Regardless of the reason, the popularity of hobbies like cross-stitch continues to grow.

Now, make sure you’re prepared because the things the grandkids may want to cross-stitch aren’t what you are used to. Their type of crafting comes with a dash of snarky humor and a pinch of sarcasm. Rather than “Home Sweet Home,” they may want to cross-stitch something like:

– I would agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.

– Beards: They grow on you.

 – WARNING: This is proof I have the patience to stab something 1,000 times.

It’s important to stock up on black embroidery floss to add black nerd glasses to any animal in your design. And the hipster mustache is a favorite among young stitchers.

But don’t let these quirky ideas get in the way of the true reason behind teaching grandkids a hobby you enjoy. It’s about interacting, sharing, and creating something that will be a memory to hold onto forever.

By the way … if your hobby happens to be taxidermy, by all means, invite a grandchild to try it out. Taxidermy is tops when it comes to revitalizing these “ancient arts.”