Robert “Bob” Paswaters

Robert “Bob” Paswaters
Lincoln Meadows Senior Living
Parker, Colorado

Robert “Bob” Paswaters was an avid tennis player until he moved to Hong Kong in the mid-’90s to work as a Missionary sharing the gospel with the people in their mother tongue, Cantonese. With no one to play tennis with, he turned to running for exercise.

After returning to the U.S., he began running competitively in 2002 and has since run the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon seven or eight times — so many he can’t remember! At 70 years old he won 1st place in the 70+ age group —its his favorite running memory. He also won 2nd place twice and 3rd place once.

This year alone, Bob has competed in four 5K races. His most recent race, in May, was the BolderBoulder 10K. There were 12 men in his age group (82 years old), and he won 1st place.

Bob has run more than 100 races. He finds joy in running; its good exercise and keeps him in shape. He also thinks that the competition is fun.

“If you want to race, you need to practice and run every day,” he says. Bob trains by running either a 5K or a 10K every morning (except Sunday) at 6 a.m.