Having Fun is Good for You

An active social life promotes a variety of health benefits.

No matter one’s age, socialization is what makes a person feel like part of society. People need human contact just like they need sunshine. This becomes especially important as we age. Research shows that having a healthy social life is as important to survival as regular exercise and can actually add years to one’s life.

Just as loneliness can hurt a person’s life, socializing can save it. Social activities like bingo, church, art classes, gardening, and going to movies are all known to have physical health benefits and help maintain friendships. As we age, friends and family truly can be lifesavers. Recent studies suggest that elderly people who enjoy dining with friends and take part in social activities live an average of two and a half years longer than those who spend most of their time alone.

Seniors get even more out of socializing than just a few extra years of life. Friendships and activities reduce stress, help people feel worthy and needed, and stimulate the mind. Staying active is also likely to build and strengthen bones,joints and muscles. Non-socialization can affect the mind and body negatively, and this stress can lead to depression. So, it is important to remain active and maintain a healthy lifestyle — even a trip to the beauty salon can provide an instant and positive effect on a senior’s mood.

With the special variety of unique social activities offered at Spectrum Retirement Communities, residents say that their social life is more fulfilling than ever. There is always something to do and someone to share stories and a laugh. With limousine and shuttle service, residents have the freedom to explore activities outside the community like going to art museums, participating in local events and attending the symphony. The idea is to always be a part of the greater community: Volunteering, mentoring and tutoring are just some of the ways Spectrum’s residents continue to make a difference beyond their apartment homes.

Spectrum Retirement offers a variety of social activities to promote health and friendships, and stimulate the mind. We encourage all residents to participate in our engaging activities and utilize the amenities provided. Spectrum Retirement offers community dining, gardening, meeting rooms for clubs and activities, libraries, movie theaters, a beauty salon and fitness center. There is always an interesting activity going on, including Conductorcise, engaging lecture series, art classes, Brain Fitness Classes, cultural events, ballroom dancing, musical theater, and so much more.

So go out, socialize and get active! The social activities at Spectrum Retirement Communities enrich lives, create lasting friendships, rejuvenate the mind and add years to one’s life.

Always Active, Always Young

At Spectrum, we believe that an active soul is a young soul. That’s why we emphasize fun activities, to do with close friends and as a community. Here are just a few of the unique activities we encourage:


Get your exercise and a few laughs along the way. Conductorcise combines classical music with aerobic exercise in a fun and social environment.


This new fitness program is a win-win for the brain and body, combining exercise with ballet history.

Brain Fitness Classes

Twice weekly gathering of friends to share brain teasers, word games, trivia, and more.

Lecture Series and Cultural Events

Spectrum brings the world to you, with intriguing guest speakers and special cultural events.

For more information about Spectrum and the social activities offered, visit