15 Ways to Enjoy and Enrich Senior Life

Tell coronavirus to take a back seat. Things to do to keep from obsessing over the news.


Our new normal, for the time being, is staying at home to keep ourselves and others healthy and to contain the spread of COVID-19. With the right mindset, being home can be a peaceful time to reflect and to reconnect with ourselves. Take this opportunity to explore new hobbies, move your body, tidy up your space and so much more.

So, ditch the news headlines for a while. We’ve compiled a list of 15 activities, goals, and fun things to try, all meant to keep you busy and your mind stimulated and to enjoy and enrich senior life.


#1: Stay Active and Fit. There are thousands of online workouts available for free or for an inexpensive monthly subscription (much cheaper than a gym membership). Try:

  • SilverSneakers takes it to Facebook. Join SilverSneakers Live workouts, feeling a bond—albeit virtually—with others working out at the same time, or access past videos.
  •  BeFit is a YouTube channel with high-quality workouts ranging from beginner to die-hard fitness-fanatic.


#2: Travel the world, virtually. Travel of any kind is so important to enjoy and enrich senior life. From virtual museum tours and visits to national parks to an Antarctica trip or an immersive experience into the Maya culture, virtual reality makes it possible to see the world from the comfort of your own home. For more ideas, check out our blog: Enjoy Virtual Travel at Your Fingertips.


#3: De-clutter. Start Spring cleaning early and organize those cupboards, closets, guest room/storage space, desk drawers, garage… You know you need to.


#4: Take up a new hobby. If there’s something you’ve always wanted to give a go, but just didn’t have the time … nothing’s stopping you now. Painting. Birding. Learn a new language. Keep your hands busy with crocheting, knitting, or cross-stitching (there are a plethora of YouTube How-Tos on these).


#5: Green Thumbs Up. Enjoy and enrich senior life by starting a container or herb garden.


#6: Create a memory book online. Sites like Shutterfly and myalbum are super user-friendly, helping you create digital albums or covered photo books.


#7: Put pen to paper. Journal, start penning your memoir or write old-fashioned letters. The post office is still operational, so keep them busy with your “Thinking of you” letter.


#8: Put more pen to paper. Adult coloring books are therapeutic and cathartic, and you can purchase the supplies online.


#9: Listen to podcasts. Anything from true crime and fashion to sports commentary and comedy.


#10: Get your head in the game. Explore online board games, card games, and puzzles. Many are available as free downloads and you can even start a group game with friends or family.


#11: Support the arts. They’ll be no curtain calls for a while and creatives are taking a hard hit. Here’s your chance to find out if opera is your thing. The Met Opera offers a melodious menu of streaming opera. You can rent one at a time or get unlimited access with a yearly subscription.


#12: Catch up on your reading.

  • Have a few classics on your to-read list? Now’s the time and Project Gutenburg will help.
  • Libraries may be closed but you can still check out books. Most libraries allow you to check out eBooks and Audiobooks, using Hoopla or OverDrive. But, just like the brick-and-mortar building, you may have to put your name on the holds list.
  • Browse the thousands of digitized materials as The Internet Archive suspends its waitlist, opening the National Emergency Library in response to COVID-19.


#13: Watch movies for free. As long as you don’t mind commercials, take your pick from these 10 movie streaming services.


#14: Laugh. It’s the best medicine, and you can find all kinds of ways to enjoy and enrich senior life while geting in a giggle or a guffaw from your phone, tablet or computer. Need a laugh right now? Not to make light of the coronavirus pandemic, but sometimes you must laugh in the face of adversity to make it through. Check out these COVID-memes.


Last but, probably most important of all to enjoy and enrich senior life, #15: Keep up your daily routine. If you used to get up at 6 am to head to your SilverSneakers class, hop online. Miss meeting the girls (and/or fellas) for wine on Wednesday? Host a virtual Happy Hour. Don’t stop taking the dog for walks and don’t start binge-eating from your stockpiles.


Of course, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and struggling with the current state of things, there are various hotlines available, some 24/7. There are other human beings out there ready to give a listening ear so, don’t hesitate to call.