Be a Free Wheeler Again!

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Don’t let mobility issues slow you down.

What was once an easy walk, golf game or trip to the store may require extra effort when experiencing changes in mobility. Transitioning to a wheelchair, walker or scooter can impact feelings of independence; but once new ways of getting around are embraced, “wheelers” are able to be as adventurous as they choose.

Mobility changes can affect a lifestyle, but many beloved activities can be done with slight modifications, patience and determination. Using a walker or wheelchair allows a person who has an uncertain gait a little extra stability. The additional mobility to remain active and independent offers new opportunities for fun and friendship.

Maintain Independence

Chairs and walkers may take time to get acquainted with, so simple stretches, short treks around the house or simply reading in the chair will increase comfort. Many communities have local “Wheeling Clubs” for get-togethers with other users. Wheeling clubs encourage movement and socialization which also improves health. Rolling outside, especially with a friend, to stretch, read, write and soak in the sunshine are all good for the soul.

Wheelchairs can open the world to new adventures. Most state and national parks have beautiful wheelchair-friendly paved trails. Accessible-tour companies offer mobility-impaired adventurers opportunities to experience indoor and outdoor events without limitations. Outings include museum, live theater and sporting event trips; others offer fishing, camping and outdoor experiences.

Keep Moving

Tight joints, muscles, stress and anxiety can all be relieved with regular activity. Exercise at even a light intensity keeps the heart healthy, boosts the immune system and improves overall fitness. Fitness classes geared to seniors offer targeted and fun exercises, easy-to-perform movements and special equipment so everyone can participate whether sitting or standing. Circuit courses or games are often incorporated to encourage movement and aerobic activity.

Celebrate! If you’re a wheelchair or walker user, wheel with pride and confidence and inspire those around you. Scheduling time every day to take part in a wide range of activities is a great way to become a free wheeler, regain a sense of independence and combat mobility issues.

Don’t let a wheelchair or walker define the next years of life.

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