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Active Seniors Love This Independent Living Option

in Senior Lifestyle

Spectrum Retirement offers the perfect detached homes for the free-wheelin’ lifestyle you crave.


You love your single-family home but are tired of the upkeep — yard work, repairs and maintenance, and dealing with contractors for heating and cooling or plumbing issues. And in this season of life, you want the freedom and flexibility to simply lock the door and head out for your next adventure without any worry.

Spectrum Retirement’s Independent Living cottage homes offer the low-maintenance, free-wheelin’ lifestyle you aspire to in retirement. You get all the creature comforts and amenities of the Senior Living community with the independence and privacy of a detached home just outside of the main community building. It’s the perfect transition for downsizing your home and upsizing your life!

Thirteen communities across the country offer these unique — and cozy — Independent Living homes. Depending on the geographic region, they may be called patio homes, cottages, or casitas. And each has its own individual design and styling, but they are all created for convenience with the amenities you want.

Cottage/casita/patio home living at Spectrum Retirement offers you approximately 1,200 square feet of Independent Living space. You’ll enjoy two bedrooms and two bathrooms, an attached garage, contemporary finishes, and the safety features that offer you peace of mind. In addition, you have access to all of the on-site amenities and services such as our flexible dining program, where you can choose the perfect meal plan for your needs; activity programming; health and fitness classes; excursions; housekeeping; and more.

It’s time to live your way, on your terms with cottage/casita/patio home living at Spectrum Retirement. Here’s a list of the communities with these great living options. Click the name of your favorite community to go directly to the cottage/casita/patio home information.






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