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7 Fun Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Simple changes can impact the way you love your home.


You’ve done the decluttering—the likes of which would make Marie Kondo shudder with excited approval—and now, with the downsizing process complete, you’re ready to make your new place really feel like home. Enrich your apartment and bring new life to your favorite room using these simple and cost-effective ways to spruce up your space.


Color Me Content

Painting is a common way to spruce up your space using color. But what if painting is not your thing? Here are some inventive ideas to add colorful style to any room—without breaking the bank, or your back!

  • Update (or add) throw pillows. A very practical, yet fun, way to add eye-catching pops of color. With throw pillows, you don’t have to buy brand new pillows each time you feel like making a change. Pillow covers will get the job done.
  • Line the inside of bookshelves with colorfully patterned wallpaper.
  • Perform a furniture makeover. Whether it’s a chair, coffee table, small desk, bedside table, or dresser, painting over wood or metal gives the furniture a snazzy facelift.

With color, all it takes is a hint here and a splash there to add energy to one room or your entire apartment.


Go “Au Naturale”

We’re not talking about walking around your apartment in your birthday suit, although feel free to close the window shades and have at it! Use the fresh, organic elements of nature to refresh and brighten rooms or create calm, soothing spaces.

Go green. Plants brighten rooms with natural flares of vibrant color. Don’t pass on plants because you’ve never developed a green thumb. There are more than 200 varieties of cacti and succulents, many with care instructions that read: “I thrive on neglect.”

Added bonus: Having live plants around is good for your health.

Be nose-y. Does the smell of the great outdoors remind you of fun family hikes?  Or maybe cinnamon, vanilla, or citrus brings back fond memories shared with family in the kitchen. Infuse your space with natural smells, using an essential oil diffuser, candles, or make your own scented mixtures for olfactory awesomeness.

Let the sun shine in. Are you a fan of thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, or Craigslist? It’s time to put those bargaining skills to work. A popular decorating trend—mirror collaging—captures and reflects light (natural or artificial), creating warm, dramatic effects in any room.


Get Your Michelangelo On

Let’s go beyond the traditional add-a-piece-of-art-to-a-bare-wall trick and look at how to really bring those walls to life.

Create a wall art collage.  Start by choosing a variety of your favorite pieces. These can include:

  • family photos
  • motivational verses
  • artwork from grandchildren
  • your favorite prints (or originals)
  • wedding or anniversary mementos
  • swatch of a sentimental quilt
  • special greeting cards
  • botanical prints

For this project, there’s no need to go with a specific theme. The trick to creating cohesiveness: choose frames that are all the same color or material (black, white, gold, oak, natural wood). The frames work to unify the collage aesthetically.

Creating a space you enjoy and feel comfortable in is important whether you’ve been in your apartment for years or recently made the move to a Senior Living community.

Remember: “Home is Where the Heart Is.” (There’s a reason it’s the most popular phrase to appear on cross-stitch pieces.) So, go ahead and make your own, and use it to spruce up your space too.