5 Reasons to Uproot for Healthy, Happy Living

in Senior Lifestyle

Gaining freedom, giving up chores … here’s why you’re going to want to move!

Are you looking for a lifestyle that offers you the freedom to be active, engaged, and social? Want to fill your days with golf, shopping, arts, and more? Wish you could give up housekeeping and laundry? Ha! Don’t we all!

Well, you’ve found it here at Spectrum Retirement.

Transitioning to Senior Living isn’t easy (when is moving ever easy?) but it could be the best choice for a new lifestyle. Here are five reasons a change of scenery may lead to healthier, happier living.

  1. No more cooking.

Many Senior Living communities provide at least two meals a day. Spectrum Retirement offers three meals a day, plus snacks. You can order delicious, nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients and have as much or little as you like — including hot, made-to-order breakfasts daily.

  1. Free rides.

Spectrum Retirement includes scheduled transportation in its monthly fee. You can get your errands done safely. And when your family comes to visit, you can do just that — visit, instead of relying on someone to take you out to fill prescriptions or pick up groceries.

  1. A built-in social network.

Are you tired of your lack of social life? Social isolation and loneliness are associated with higher morbidity rates, depression and dementia.

At a Senior Living community, you’ll have a built-in social network. You can talk with a friend or play cards in one of the common areas. Invite family or friends for a meal or to spend an afternoon with you. Choose from a wide range of educational activities, classes, and holiday events where you can mix and mingle.

  1. Rediscover old hobbies.

Do you find yourself watching too much TV? Uprooting to a dynamic community could re-ignite your passion for music, crafts, or painting. Spectrum Retirement offers art classes, ballroom dancing, musical theater, and more. And if you want to watch something on the big screen, just head to the community theater with friends.

The packed activity schedules also include fun, potentially habit-forming new activities. Conductorcise, anyone?

  1. Stay safe.

Seniors living alone run the risk of falls, accidents and medical emergencies without anyone close by to help. Assisted Living communities provide 24-hour support. Sleep easier knowing if a fall or an emergency occurs, help is right down the hall.

Leaving the family home can be a big change. Focus on the positives — this could just be the best decision ever for your health and happiness.