5 Gadgets to Keep You Cool This Summer

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Don’t let August get you down! Use these personal cooling devices to ensure you stay comfortable and keep cool this summer.


Unless you live in a cave, it’s hot outside right now. Probably really hot. It’s also the time when everything happens outdoors. How do you enjoy the “heat” of summer without becoming a soppy, sweaty mess?

These five gadgets will help keep you keep cool this summer—even when the thermometer hits its peak.


1. So Much Fan Portable USB Fan

Talk, text, and get a nice, cool breeze right where you are. The mini So Much Fan plugs into your phone, laptop or tablet and runs for up to five hours on one charge. For less than $10, you get four fans in fun colors. Reviewers say they move a lot of air for their size.


2. WoneNice Portable Fan and Air Conditioner

When you face triple-digit temps, a fan alone won’t cut it. Cool off better with this portable mini air conditioner. The WoneNice portable A/C uses evaporative cooling technology. Simply add water and the cooling filter does its job. Use it when you’re in the garden, out on the patio, or as a desk fan. Best for low-humidity climates.


3. Max Cooling Towel

If it works for Serena Williams, it should work for the rest of us. The Max Cooling Towel cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature in less than 30 seconds and stays cool for up to two hours. It’s reusable, machine washable, and comes in gazillions of colors. Use it before and after a workout, when working outside, or any time you want to chill out.


4. Embr Wave

Embr’s bracelet works by sending cool (or warm) waveforms to your temperature-sensitive wrist; which, in theory, helps you feel cooler or warmer in minutes. It also claims to help with stress and sleep. It works well when you’re stuck on a hot bus, in a public space, or in a friend’s car without A/C. At $299, it’s pricey.


5. Arctic Cool Crew Neck Shirt

For a stylish alternative to bulky cooling vests, pick up an Arctic Cool crew or V-neck tee designed for active, sweaty activity. Made out of a polyester/spandex textile blend, the shirts’ microfiber fabric wicks moisture away from your skin and disperses that moisture throughout the fabric. Arctic Cool’s “Hydrofreeze X” Technology adds a cooling effect. Stay dry and cooler and look good too! The shirts come in men’s and women’s sizes in a variety of styles and colors.