3 Ways to Practice Self Love

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Don’t Lose Sight of You in the Daily Grind of Caring for Everyone Else.

In the midst of the day-to-day chaos of life, it’s easy to lose our connection with our inner self. After all, there are chores to take care of, birthday parties to attend and dinners to prep. It’s easy to lose sight of taking care of yourself when you’re busy focusing on everybody else; however, loving ourselves is the only way we grow. Here are three thoughtful ways to practice self-love on a regular basis.

Set and Keep Boundaries.

Not all relationships are two-way streets. It can feel hard to set boundaries with a nosy neighbor or prying relative, but it’s worth it. Letting things slide for fear of coming off “snotty” or “cold” can set you down a path of being roped into things you don’t want to do, like pet sit for a dog you’re not fond of or spend time you don’t have making treats for a neighborhood bake sale. This is when we start doing things because we think we “should” and not because we truly want to. If your gut tells you to say no to something, listen to it. Stay firm and assertive in your response, and don’t let anyone guilt you into doing something you don’t want to do. Boundaries are our friends!

Do You.

Learn what makes you tick and what makes you feel most alive. All of us need different ways to relax and recharge. For some, that involves spending a quiet hour in a coffee shop reading the latest novel, while others may like an afternoon strolling through an art gallery, going to a movie or meditating. Allow yourself permission to do the things that make you come alive and find a way to work them into your schedule, regularly.

Love Yourself Like You Love Your Friends and Family.

We sell ourselves short out of fear of being called selfish. Sometimes we don’t feel it’s right to put our needs first, but it is. Remember the flight attendant explaining to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before your child? If we’re not operating at full capacity, we can’t give as much to others. Developing self-care is a way of showing compassion and care to yourself first, which, in turn, can spread the love to others. So treat yourself the same way you’d treat a close friend or family member — with love, compassion and empathy.

When we take the time to love ourselves, it becomes that much easier to spread the love around. You may find, after a little self-love, you might even want to pet sit for the neighbor — who knows!

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