10 Apps to Help Manage Retirement

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We’ve curated 10 great lifestyle apps to make living the good life even easier.


If you’re looking for ways to help manage your retirement, think apps. Apps can help you find a good book to read, know whether it will rain or snow in the afternoon and help you chill out. We’ve curated the best ones to help you keep going, effortlessly, during retirement.


Hopper app


iPhone & Android

This handy app helps you score the best deal on flights by predicting prices. See what the best times are to fly to a specific destination and learn the best time to purchase for the optimum price.

Google Photos app

Google Photos

iPhone & Android

Storing your photos on the cloud instead of on your phone’s hard drive saves you a considerable amount of storage space.

Calm app


iPhone & Android

The Calm app makes meditation and mindfulness easy. Manage anxiety, improve your sleep and lower stress with daily use.


Skype app


iPhone & Android

Say hi to long-distance family members face-to-face without hopping on an airplane. You can also make audio calls, send instant messages and video conference for a small fee.



Blood Pressure Monitor app

Blood Pressure Monitor

iPhone (although similar apps are available on Android)

This app allows you to track your blood pressure and weight in one spot, anytime, anywhere. It also provides stats, periodic health reminders and offers an export data option to share with your health-care professional.


Weather Channel app

The Weather Channel

iPhone & Android

Check whether it’s going to rain or shine — today, tomorrow or anytime within the next 10 days. View its Storm Radar to get the bigger picture and set alerts so you can stay one step ahead.


Pillboxie app


iPhone (although similar apps are available on Android)

If remembering when to take what medication is hard to manage, say hello to Pillboxie. This handy app reminds you at the scheduled times you set so you won’t ever skip a pill again.

Goodreads app


iPhone & Android

Rate recently read books, discover and share your faves with others. It also keeps track of what you’ve read and allows you to review them.


Magnifying Glass app

Magnifying Glass With Light

iPhone & Android

Can we say handy as all can be? If you’ve ever tried to read a menu and realized you’ve left your readers at home, you’ll love this app. It magnifies text and offers extra light.


Mint app


iPhone & Android

This personal finance app allows you to sync all your bank accounts to one simple interface, allowing you to create a budget and set alerts to keep your spending on track.